Sunday, March 7, 2021

Punky Power! ‘Punky Brewster’ Returns Thursday! (Watch)

*Punky Power is back!

This month, Soleil Moon Frye (Punky) and Cherie Johnson (Cherie) reprise their original roles in the iconic 80s sitcom “Punky Brewster. The new series follows Punky, now a single mother of three trying to get her life back on track when she meets Izzy (Quinn Copeland), a young girl in the foster system who reminds Brewster a lot of her younger self.

EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas sent a proxy to the “Punky Brewster” set with Frye and Cherie to “chat” – before the February 25 premiere.

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Punky Brewster
PUNKY BREWSTER — Season: Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Lauren Lindsey Donzis as Hannah, Noah Cottrell as Diego, Cherie Johnson as Cherie, Soleil Moon Frye as Punky, Oliver De Los Santos as Daniel, Quinn Copeland as Izzy, Freddie Prinze Jr. as Travis— (Photo by: Robert Trachtenberg/Peacock)

Q: What were your thoughts when you stepped onto set?

SMF: I love design, so I was [gushing over all of the pillows]!

CJ: We’ve been gone for about 35 years…to see elements that were so much like the original, I cried for an hour – cries of gratitude. I could feel the spirit of George Gaynes (Henry Warnimont) and Susie Garrett (Betty Johnson).

Q: Will Margaux Kramer be making an appearance?

Both: You’ll have to [watch and] see…

Q: What were your thoughts at the first table read?

SMF: I was so nervous at the first table read – it was pre-Covid and there were hundreds of people there…

CJ: Soleil and I were in the bathroom – like we always were before table readings – and she said, ‘Cherie are you nervous?’ And I was like, ‘nooo, there’s nothing to be nervous about, it’s just gonna be a few people’…Then we walked out and there were LOTS of people, cameras and rows and rows of tables!

Punky Brewster
PUNKY BREWSTER — Season: 1 — Pictured: “Punky Brewster” Key Art (Photo by: Peacock)

The series also stars Freddie Prinze Jr. (Travis, Punky’s ex-husband), Noah Cottrell (Diego), Oliver De Los Santos (Daniel), and Lauren Lindsey Donzis (Hannah).

For more details on Peacock’s “Punky Brewster” go to or follow @peacocktv | #punkybrewster



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