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Woman Who Won $188M Powerball Being Sued By Ex-fiance From Prison

marie holmes

*Marie Holmes was a 26 years old single mother when she won the $188 million Powerball jackpot in 2015 in North Carolina. At the time, she was also financially supporting her criminal-minded boyfriend/ex-fiance Lamarr Andre McDow.

Holmes eventually parted ways with McDow and now he is suing her over the generous gifts she gave him throughout their relationship but took back once they split.

Here’s more from Raleigh News & Observer:

McDow, 36, accused Holmes of breaching her fiduciary duty when she reportedly gave away his 77-acre dirt bike track, his car repair shop and tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothing and jewelry while he was in prison, according to a lawsuit which moved to federal court earlier this month.

Holmes said in court filings the gifts were never in McDow’s name and legally belonged to her.

The complaint said Holmes bought him a $250,000 Chevy Stingray, two dump trucks totaling $125,000, $100,000 worth of clothes and jewelry, a $600,000 automotive shop and 77 acres in Ashe County for a dirt bike track costing $80,000, among other gifts.

McDow made Holmes — then his fiancee — his power of attorney.

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McDow, who shares two daughters with Holmes, was arrested in November 2014 for drug trafficking and sentenced two years later to 10 years in prison. His projected release date of June 2, 2023, according to the report.

“This case is the embodiment of the phrase ‘[w]hat’s yours is mine and what’s mine is my own.’ The problem here, however, is that McDow has nothing of his own,” Holmes’ defense attorneys said in a motion to dismiss the case. “Instead, McDow is Holmes’ disgruntled, currently imprisoned former fiancé with multiple criminal convictions and an unfortunate desire to pursue meritless litigation against Holmes, whose generosity after winning the Powerball lottery is at the heart of this litigation.”

“Ms. Holmes’ unconditional obligation to act in the best interests of Mr. McDow didn’t stop because Ms. Holmes and Mr. McDow’s relationship ended,” his attorney said in court filings, citing her power-of-attorney status.

McDow’s lawsuit accuses Holmes of breach of fiduciary duty, conversion and breach of bailment. He is seeking a jury trial and more than $25,000 in damages.

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