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A Jealous Boosie Badazz Calls Michael B. Jordan a ‘Simp’ Over Relationship with Lori Harvey [WATCH]

*Boosie Badazz is catching heat over his latest comments about the romance between Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey.

During an appearance on VladTV, the Baton Rouge hip-hop star was asked about Harvey’s “body count,” as she has been linked to Trey Songz, Diddy and his son Justin Combs, rapper Future, Lewis Hamilton, and Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay. When Vlad asked Boosie about Harvey’s list of male conquests, Boosie noted that it’s the men that deserve all the praise, not Lori.

“I think we need to stop giving the women the power with situations like this,” the rapper said. “Girls keep saying it’s ‘goals’ but this is not goals. We gotta start giving the bachelors, the men, who are running through a beautiful woman like this the credit, who not housing her, running through her. The last time I went to Diddy’s house, him and Bu was together. They dogs…I know Lori [is] a beautiful woman, but we gotta stop giving the glory to the women. What about the bachelors? … She’s not tied to none of them. What about the Futures? The Trey Songz? Who are really bending through these hoes? … We gotta start giving them the credit instead of Lori.”

Hear/watch him tell it via the clip above.

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Lori Harvey - Michael B Jordan
Lori Harvey – Michael B. Jordan

Vlad went on to say he wouldn’t put Harvey on the top of his hit list, to which Boosie replied: “You wouldn’t put her [on your list]. The music has,” he said. “You got to look at the bachelors who hear her on somebody song and be like, ‘Who everybody talking about?’ ‘Watch this, I’m finna go get her.’ You got to give the bachelors some kind of credit.”

Boosie then called Jordan a “simp” for dating the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey.

“A lot of rappers want her because a lot of big dogs want her on their wish list. You gotta give the bachelors credit. People act like they fallin’, but nobody’s stuck. You only gonna stuck cause once you been ran through like that, you’re only gonna catch a simp, you ain’t gonna catch no street,” Boosie declared. Urban Dictionary defines as simp as “someone who does way too much for a person they like.”

Boosie said he would never marry “a woman like that,” but wouldn’t mind sleeping with Harvey. “I’m just trying to f*ck…I just want a beautiful good girl,” he said.

Do you think Boosie’s obviously jealous comments were out of pocket? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Boosie is a jealous man! He comments about Michael Jordan was also chosen as the sexiest man alive! Lori is a young woman that he knows nothing about. He has seen her like we all have. He does not know who she has slept with. He just feels like if she has been Piddy he know could not gotten out of time with him with out being taken advantage of. So, I saw her talking with her mother and I never felt she slept with Future or anyone. But Boosie thinks different! He already made his opinions known. Why! Boosie? why?


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