Thursday, September 29, 2022

Homeless Mail Carrier and Her Family Find Hope Amid the Pandemic (Watch)

Carter Family - ABC News
Alisha Carter and her five daughters – ABC News

*Alisha Carter had a number of jobs that all disappeared due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She soon found herself supporting five children as a full-time mail carrier in Prince George’s County, Maryland while living in a homeless shelter.

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips profiles the working mom who is struggling to keep a roof over her family’s head despite having a full time job, an ordeal facing many Americans during the pandemic.

Alisha and her eldest daughter, Martajah Easley, stressed the family’s insistence on keeping their plight a secret from others to avoid any thoughts of pity. They also spoke about how their time in the Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter has made then stronger and brought them closer together.

Carter said: “I always felt like people that had stuff handed to them, they don’t value it. So when you go through a struggle together with your family, it makes you stronger.”

The story has a happy ending. Carter was able to get assistance in moving into a new, permanent home. Leroy Fowlkes director of Sarah’s Hope Family Shelter, explained: “She continued to maintain employment, she followed through with appointments, she got the documentation she needed to get connected to housing, she definitely did her part which shows where she is now.”

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