Sunday, March 7, 2021

Wait! Kodak Black Speaks on Those Rumors of Red Lights on His Head While on Stage

kodak black
Rapper Kodak Black

*After footage has gone viral of him being rushed off a stage due to a red beam being spotted on him, Kodak Black is now debunking those claims and putting a muzzle to the rumors.

Remaining on the blogs since his pardon from Donald Trump and subsequent prison release, the Florida rapper has been accused of being a clone — which he denies — and is now denying that someone was targeting him at a recent event. In recent footage, social media has dissected each frame to find a red beam seen on Black’s hoodie near his stomach and as he’s pushed off stage by his security, the beam is then seen on the person standing next to him, still on stage.

As social media carried this claim throughout the week, Black is now speaking out. In an IGTV clip he says, “You n***as on some crazy, like, Instagram, phone effects, like, putting beams on my clothes and sh*t like a b***h had a beam on me. Nobody’s brain even gon’ register like that, like, ‘let me put a beam on Yak.’ But I’m happy though. I’m in a happy space. It ain’t none of y’all business why I’m happy for. I’ve been seeing all this lil crazy sh*t, I’ma let y’all think whatever y’all think. I ain’t on no f**k sh*t. I ain’t go through sh*t! Y’all playin’ and sh*t. I’m really on some sh*t like separating entertainment from reality. Entertainment is all this entertainment and social media sh*t and all this internet sh*t that y’all on. The reality is you n***as not gon’ play with me in real life. I had kind of lost my way and had started feeding into this internet sh*t and had started going live and responding….” #Socialites, thoughts?

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