Friday, August 19, 2022

Eugene Goodman Also Saved Mitt Romney from the Advancing MAGA Mob (New Video)

eugene goodman mitt romney
Eugene Goodman, Sen. Mitt Romney

*Not only does the entire Senate have Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman to thank for diverting the advancing MAGA mob away from the chamber doors on Jan. 6, but Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, specifically, may have been mauled in the hallway had Goodman not diverted him from heading straight toward the insurrectionists.

Del. Stacey Plaskett, D-Virgin Islands, spoke Feb. 10 as House Democrats made their case for why the Senate should convict ex-President Donald Trump on a charge of inciting insurrection during the attack on the U.S. Capitol. She showed security footage of Goodman directing Romney to safety as he was running from Trump’s followers that had breached the Capitol.

Upon seeing Goodman waving him toward the opposite direction, Romney turned the other way and begin running as well, likely avoiding the crowd of rioters.

Watch below:

Romney told reporters Wednesday that he thanked Officer Goodman, now acting deputy Senate sergeant-at-arms, for directing him to safety.

“I was very fortunate indeed that officer Goodman was there to get me in the right direction. I expressed my appreciation to him for coming to my aid and getting me back into the path of safety and expressed my appreciation for all that he did that day,” Romney said.

Watch below:

Plaskett later showed the viral footage of Goodman diverting the rioters from the Senate Chamber to a group of officers waiting down the hall. Plaskett said that as Vice President Mike Pence was being evacuated, rioters started to spread throughout the Capitol. “The mob was looking for Vice President Pence because of his patriotism … because the vice president had refused to do what the president demanded, and overturn the election results.”





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