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The Journal of Steffanie Rivers: That Video Of Two White Cops

If you have ever wondered what some White people say about African-Americans when they think nobody is listening look no further than this video of two white lawmen in Hamilton, Georgia, located 100 miles from Atlanta. They are Gene Allmond and John Brooks.

In their nine-minute conversation Allmond, the former police chief, and the now terminated officer Brooks frequently called Black people f’ing niggers, compared police brutality to slavery and talked about which Black woman they would rather have sex with. All this was captured by Brooks’ police bodycam they didn’t know was recording and while both men were on duty.

The conversation took place in June 2020, apparently the day a local Black Lives Matter march was scheduled in Hamilton. Their comments occurred after Rayshard Brooks – no relation to John – was shot in the back by Atlanta cop Garrett Rolfe in a Wendy’s parking lot. 

While it’s no surprise to hear a redneck call African-Americans ‘niggers’ – just another Tuesday in America – the conversation is significant because these men represent law enforcement. So I want to address their conversation and it’s condonance of exploitation and a slave master mentality. Also, most likely there are other people who feel the same way as they do about police brutality, and about the African-American community who need to get schooled on why some of Hamilton’s finest are wrong about their assumptions!

First they both were on duty getting paid to protect and serve, but during their nine-minute recorded conversation, they refused a dispatch call asking them to respond to an incident about a person with a gun. They claimed the call was out of their jurisdiction. They said they needed to be available to oversee the BLM protests. Then they went on to slander participants in and the victims for which the protests were held. It probably wasn’t the first time they avoided work while getting paid to do so. 

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Gene Allmond1
Gene Allmond

Secondly, Officer Brooks said the Rayshard Brooks shooting was justified because the victim had a police taser in his hand that he could have used as a weapon. Nevermind that his back was turned and he was fleeing. 

“How come when you tase a f’ing nigger it’s like you done killed him 27 times?” Brooks said, as if electrocuting a man is no big deal.

Brooks surmised that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was wrong to fire Rolfe for the shooting death of Brooks. This cop claimed Bottoms was clout-chasing to get chosen as then Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate over Stacy Abrams who also was being considered for the VP spot.  

Then without provocation Brooks said he would rather have sex with Bottoms than with community activist Abrams.

“If I have to f*ck a nigger I’d rather fuck the mayor than Stacy Abrams,” he said. 

That shows his lack of respect for Black women. To this White man Black women are only good for serving his sexual desires. Do all White men have the same sentiment about Black women? Did Joe Biden choose Kamala Harris as his VP running mate for her experience or because she was the most sexually appealing choice for him? If you’re a Black woman in a relationship with a White man, are you fulfilling a sexploitation fantasy? Why is he really into you? 

After these law officers reveal themselves to be slackers on the job, willing to uphold the blue wall of silence for a killer cop who used unjustified deadly force and supporters of sexual exploitation of Black women, that’s when the conversation turned to slavery. 

Police Chief Allmond, referring to Black Lives Matter protests as the ‘MF’ing protest’ goes on to say he doesn’t understand why African-Americans are still upset over slavery.

“For the most part it seems to me like they furnished em’ a home to live in; they furnished em’ clothes to put on their backs and they furnished em’ food to put on their tables. All they had to do was f’in work,’’ he said, adding that “And now we give em’ all those things and they don’t have to work.” 

For someone who got a paycheck to protect and serve his community, but slandered forty percent of Hamilton residents who are African-American and whose tax dollars paid his salary he’s got some nerve to complain!

For all the White people who have the same sentiment about slavery, consider this:

American slavery of Africans was not a choice. It was forced servitude. Slaves were bought, treated and sold much like livestock. And like animals, oftentimes they were maimed and killed if they underperformed. It was dehumanizing! 

This candid conversation between these redneck cops confirms police brutality against African-Americans – which is legalized genocide – is a derivative of slave-master mentality.

Secondly, free slave labor helped White people create untold millions of dollars of generational wealth that should have gone to our family lineage – not theirs! 

Although after slavery ended there were federal laws enacted to give former slaves 40-acres and a mule to help them create streams of income, racist White people didn’t abide by those rules. Most former slaves never received their government-mandated land and continued to be deprived of a fair and equitable start at life after slavery in the United States. 

If a business owner didn’t have to pay employee salaries in exchange for their work 15 hours a day, every day, for 300 years that’s enough to create untold millions of dollars. And that’s just one business owner. That’s why African descendants of American slaves are owed reparations. 

Native Americans were paid reparations for their displacement and theft of their land. Japanese- Americans were paid reparations for their imprisonment during WWII. Boston Marathon bombing survivors got reparations for the trauma they experienced. Survivors and family members of 9-11 were paid billions of dollars for their pain and suffering. Yet somehow descendants of American slaves get nothing but excuses for government-sanctioned slavery. 

The federal government needs to write that reparations check. Tell your Congressperson to support Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R. 20.

Lastly, let me point out how stupid two of Hamilton’s finest must have felt when they realized their own technical ineptitude put them in the spotlight and will now serve as their resume’ that should keep them from working in law enforcement and government service ever again. Justice is only as blind as the people in control of it. These two and anybody who thinks like them don’t need to be a part of law enforcement or any government entity. Spread this video far and wide so it follows them wherever they go. Their public outing is poetic and real justice. 

Click on the video above for more analysis of this candid conversation of these two White cops.

Steffanie Rivers - screenshot
Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries.




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