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Queen Latifah - the equalizer
Queen Latifah

*The premiere of The Equalizer kicked off with Queen Latifah’s character of Robyn McCall helping a teenager accused of murder. 

Here’s what the New York Post had to say about the first episode in this new series: Sunday night’s premiere gave us a snugly predictable drama in that formulaic network primetime kind of way. There’s nothing new here, at least not yet, but “The Equalizer” checks all the boxes, is well-acted with an appealing cast and features a strong lead character — which should be enough to warrant a decent shelf life.

Queen Latifah previously shared that she was quick to signup for this take on the 1980s TV drama starring Edward Woodward because her character is a Black woman who stands up for the little guy. 

“Seeing those things in front of you and then having a role offered to you that almost mirrors what your life is like and what made you who you are, it was a no-brainer,” said Latifah, who also serves as executive producer, per EW. “Maybe I said yes a little too soon, because I don’t have the same knees I did when I was 25. But my heart is in the right place.”

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Latifah’s “The Equalizer” will deal with “issues of sex trafficking, of young people being denied opportunities or having to work twice as hard as someone who may come from a wealthy family,” she said. 

“We’ll also see how people use their power in malicious ways,” Latifah added. “Robyn is there to right those wrongs.” 

Latifah previously said Denzel Washington was the only reservation she had about signing on to star in the CBS reboot. Washington played former intelligence officer Robert McCall in the 2014 and 2018 films. The actress/singer said she was mindful about giving Robyn a unique voice without getting in Washington’s lane.

“The only reservation I had was Denzel,” Latifah says. “I had to figure out how to create a character that was going to be different from his and obviously not get in his lane, but not like the original, either.”

Latifah has also noted that she is committed to “The Equalizer” for the long haul.

“The world needs to see a little justice for a while,” says the actress. “I think it is going to be something people are going to enjoy seeing for no less than five years. And I’m up for it.”

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