Sunday, April 18, 2021

M. Night Shyamalan Drops Frist Trailer for New Thriller ‘Old’ [WATCH]

*M. Night Shyamalan has dropped the first preview for his new thriller “Old,’ and if you caught the Super Bowl game on Sunday then you already got to witness the first 30-second trailer that aired. 

The film is based on a graphic novel by Pierre Oscar Lévy and Frederik Peeters titled “Sandcastle,” and stars Gael Garcia Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Eliza Scanlen and Thomasin McKenzie. In the trailer, a family becomes trapped on a hidden beach where people age uncontrollably.

More on Levy and Peeters’ “Sandcastle” can be found at Here is the official synopsis:

“Early morning on a perfect summer’s day, people begin to descend on an idyllic, secluded beach. Among their number, a family, a young couple, a refugee and some American tourists. Its fine white sand is fringed with rock pools filled with crystal clear water. The beach is sheltered from prying eyes by green-fringed cliffs that soar around the cove. But this utopia keeps a dark secret.

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M. Night Shyamalan’s Old

The trailer shows a child run off to play hide-and-seek before returning as a man in his mid-20s (Alex Wolff). “He was six years old this morning,” the boy’s mom says.

“Looking forward to seeing you all back in the movie theatres when it’s safe,” Shyamalan wrote in an Instagram post announcing the trailer. The film is part of Shyamalan’s two-movie deal with Universal Pictures. He previously discussed that the films could be linked.

“I just had two movie ideas I felt very strongly about,” he revealed, per

“For me, there are ideas and they’re in journals sometimes and they don’t quite have the meat yet or whatever that thing is that makes it so I’m ready to commit two years of my life to making this-to writing and directing this-some of those ideas don’t have that yet. They have to gestate a little bit. But there were two ideas where right away I was thinking about making them. And, interesting enough, there might be a third thing that came to me that might end up going in between these two. So there might be three.” 

“Old” is set to premiere in theaters on July 23.

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