Friday, November 26, 2021

Pose Star Indya Moore Slams Image Awards for Being Transphobic


*“Pose” star Indya Moore is calling out NAACP and the Image Awards for past snubs of the series and cast.

Her criticism follows the announcement of the NAACP Image Awards nominations on Tuesday, which failed to acknowledged trans actors of color. 

“Black people deserve home everywhere and anywhere but when black people are trans we seldom could even find home in our own homes and this rings true in many reflections and dimensions,” Moore began her lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday, MadameNoire reports.

“I love how we create space to celebrate uplift and acknowledge ourselves because we go often unseen in this industry.. only to do it to other black people. Are we not tired of singing the same sad song to each other?” she continued, noting there’s no ignoring the impact of Pose. “Nobody is going to tell me they didn’t see our enormously historic story telling, and didnt feel anything??? from the black trans women who performed our trauma for the world? Really? You only saw a black people deliver when they aren’t trans?”

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“Its so sad. The transphobia in our community is pervasive and noone is doing enough work to break it down and throw it away,” she continued. “We are often stateless in belonging to anything and these kinds of blatant displays of transphobia via erasure perpetuate that.”

“Just wanted to say that and congratulations to all the black talent that WAS acknowledged- and also NAACP doesn’t acknowledge blackness when its transsexual,” she added.

She also noted in a post:  “I just came here to say NAACP and her image awards are transphobic. Thats all.” 

“Its literally triggering to see other pro black collectives go out of their way to skip over trans people,” Moore added. “I know we weren’t up for noms this year but I just wanted to remind y’all, and everyone who are fans of POSE. I remember that year we were eligible, they actually skipped over black trans talent to nominate white folks, & black queer cis men.”

Moore’s Instagram page has been taken down as of late Wednesday night.

For the record, “Pose” star Billy Porter, who is a gay Black man, was nominated for an Image Award twice last year.

Ny MaGee
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