Saturday, October 1, 2022

‘Oh Well, She Dead Now’: Four Girls, 12-14, Livestream Their Fatal Stabbing of a 15-Year-Old in Walmart (Video)

*Four girls, ages 12 to 14, were arrested in the stabbing death of a 15-year-old girl at a Louisiana Walmart on Sunday. Authorities said a lot of evidence was culled from social media because the deadly encounter was livestreamed, showing the girls bragging about stabbing the victim in the face as they fled the scene.

“Our whole case unfolded before us through live Facebook and Instagram,”  Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso commented, according to WNYW. “We have videos of everything that took place, and it’s very disturbing, it truly is.”

Police said the fight leading to the stabbing may have started at a movie theatre.

The Daily Mail obtained video footage from the livestream, showing two unidentified girls fighting in an aisle before the camera abruptly pans to the floor. Screams are then heard.

One of the girls is then seen fleeing the store while saying, “She’s leaking, y’all.”

Walmart Fatal Stabbing of Girl, 15
One of the suspects (L) arrested in fatal stabbing of 15-year-old girl in Louisiana Walmart

Once in the car, someone says, “We just stabbed that b***h in her heart. We don’t give a f**k.” Another is overheard saying, “I don’t give f**k. If she killed her, she killed her. Oh f***ing well. She dead now.”

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office has not publicly named the victim or her accused killers, but said in a statement that one of the suspects was charged with second-degree murder, while the other three are charged with principal to second-degree murder.

Below is fuzzy footage of the livestream obtained by the Daily Mail:



    • Surprise surprise just saw an article about a white teenage boy and his friend burning down a house with a family inside. They killed 5 of them and 2-3 of them weren’t even toddlers yet. Crime is crime no matter what their skin color is, you’re part of the problem.

  1. OMG who raised these girls to have so little respect for human life & such trash talk. Well their lives are over too. So sad

  2. Crime happens no matter the color, dummies! Ever heard of white girls luring their fiends in the woods to be murdered…please! Evil is everywhere!

  3. Nice job politicizing a murder there, commenters. You’re about as sick as they are. Which I’m sure you think you’re not. You are.

  4. Btw FYI Missy Shelton yes white girls lure their friends all the damn time I’ve watched enough of this on all the crimes shows I’ve watched bush please🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

  5. I read that young Chimpanzees in the wild often form killer gangs when they grow up absent of adult supervision?

  6. This is what happens when parents don’t have a clue what they’re kids are up to , of course they will say they are good kids never in trouble but now they get to visit them in jail.

    • Hope these girls enjoy prison life, and I hope their parents enjoy not being able to see their kids for a while. They can be held in juvenile detention center til they’re 21.. That means, the 12 yr old girls, threw their lives away for this. No more playing outside, no more social media, no more going to school, nothing. Enjoy life behind bars, ladies. Y’all deserve it.

  7. Them little botches killed child with no remorse. They all should charge with first degree murder and sentence to life without parole. Fock that! Idk what I have done if that was my daughter who had die.

  8. You act how you are raised to act. White or black. All these kids never had a chance because their parents put them at a disadvantage. It’s 2021 , you can no longer use the excuse of poor education or neighborhoods. Everyone has a smart phone and access to the internet. Educate yourself and prevent nonsensical violence from happening again.

  9. The fact that they have video on here shows that they have no respect or sympathy for the victim or her family. They just want traffic on there site. Click to read an article and it’s like here watch her death too you’ll like and tell friends. It’s so distasteful and disrespectful. 😢😡

  10. Disgusting group of animals. That’s what happens when half your family are in gangs and have murdered random individuals for gang initiation. These kids grew up thinking it’s funny and normal to murder your enemies over literally anything. Burn the fucking hood down. Not sorry.

  11. It’s sickening to see all the racist and stereotypical comments ! Reason the world so full of hate as it is !

  12. This is heart wrenching and completely disturbing. These girls have no regard for human life. They do not even care that they just stabbed someone in the heart. I hope the whole group are tried as adults and face serious consequences. I am terrified that people like this actually exist so close to my home town. I fear for my daughter. And to think one of the mothers went live, talking about her daughters character…. umm mam SHE has NO character beyond cruel and evil.


  14. This is the reason we are all so lost the color of someone’s skin has nothing to do with the way they acted maybe if we stopped taking the word out of school and start listening to our youth teaching respect not violence and kindness not hatred maybe we could turn things around God made each and every one of us no matter what color we are All children of God and therefore family
    Be kind to one and all

  15. This has nothing with skin color. Whites kill Whites, Blacks kill Blacks. What’s upsetting is how they have no remorse after 4 on 1 they use a knife and stab this 15 yr old girl and laugh and walk out acting like it’s not a big deal going as far as say yeah we killed that B*tch y’all yeah she’s bleeding out. 4 on 1 is not a fight it’s shows you that they had this planned it was not something that just happened at the spur of the moment. Their lives will never be the same. The other thing that bothers me is the 15 yr old is gone forever and within 7-9 years these girls will most likely be back out on the streets and have a somewhat normal life

  16. So disturbing. Five minutes, ruined their entire lives, and for what? Wanting to be a bad ass? Bet they are crying now, but oh well! These kids today need more whoopin’s, less freedom, less smart phones, etc. They are way out of control

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