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Meet Aiden Taylor, 11-Year-Old Author of ‘Me and My Afro’ [VIDEO]

*Meet Aiden Taylor… an 11-year-old author whose new book aims to help kids like him “love the way they are.”

The sixth-grader has penned the children’s book, “Me and My Afro,” which follows all the adventures Aiden and his afro take together. Here’s the synopsis:

A young boy with an Afro celebrates his uniqueness in this precious and simple story about loving oneself and what makes us different. From 10-year-old debut author, Aiden M. Taylor, comes this self-styled and joyful narrative about feeling comfortable and letting the world know that he loves himself-and his Afro. Filled with vibrant and cheerful illustrations, this book is a perfect read-aloud for families who wish to enjoy together a charming story of self-love and pride; and for those looking for a sweet opportunity to have a dialogue about the uniqueness and beauty of all children.

Spencer Jaffe, Aiden’s mentor through New York City’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program, encouraged Aiden to write Me and My Afro and helped him edit the 26-page book, PEOPLE reports. 

“It’s been incredible to watch the perseverance he’s had in writing and promoting the book,” said Jaffe.

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Aiden Taylor

“Aiden just shows if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything,” said Jaffe. “Aiden’s book has inspired so many kids already … I might be the big brother, but I learn from Aiden every day.”

Aiden also enlisted his mom Monique to help get the graphics together

“Her job was telling the publisher and the illustrator [Tana Teeya] what I wanted the pictures to look like,” he says. “For example, I wanted a picture of an ice skating rink downtown and there’s water behind it, and when they first drew it, there was no water behind it, so she told them and they fixed it.” 

“It makes me feel great because I accomplished this big goal,” Aiden said. “Writing’s very fun,” he added, “and I want to keep inspiring other kids.” 

“Me and My Afro” and its accompanying coloring book were published in August. Purchase it on Amazon here.

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