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Uncle Clifford on Starz’ ‘P-Valley’ Has Become a Fan Favorite / WATCH

P-Valley” is the hot show on Starz that features beautiful, sexy, and scantily clad women dancing and showcasing their bodies in a strip club environment.  The women execute acrobatic maneuvers on stage, along with respective signature and daring dance schemes that defy belief and gravity.  There’s plenty of drama for the women who love artistically swinging on the pole – the club’s pole, that is, to the appreciative strip club patrons, who love to make it rains money on the performers.

And just in case there’s some mystery to what the “P” stands for in “P-Valley,” just know the popular show is based on the 2015 stage production, “Pussy Valley.”

While the cast of “P-Valley” presents amazing women who work at The Pynk Strip Club, down in Mississippi’s Dirty Delta, the owner of the joint is Uncle Clifford, played by Nicco Annan, who prefers to identify with the pronoun she and is non-binary.  Frankly speaking, Uncle Clifford, who has become a fan favorite, is the classic example of androgyny, defined as a person who exhibits the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics and appearances.

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Annan worked with “P-Valley’s creator, Katori Hall, to help shape the Uncle Clifford character, making it a bold, raw, and unapologetic queer owner.

“I was very specific on what I wanted, and what I did not want…I wanted to really get to the humanity of Uncle Clifford,” Annan told “Digital Spy” during an interview.  “I wanted her to be reachable, and for people to understand: ‘Oh, she’s not a drag queen. Oh, she’s not trans.  You Know?’  And explore what gender fluidity looks like or could look.”

On “P-Valley,” Uncle Clifford has her own fling with Lil Murda, played by J. Alphonse Nicholson, who at first glance is a masculine Black male.  Yet, Lil Murda throws his masculinity out the window when he comes to his sexuality and intimate relationship with Uncle Clifford.

Nicco Annan - Getty - 4782c0bef93cb8d03ac5299034c69fd0
Nicco Annan – Getty

In real life, actor Nicco Annan is a dancer and choreographer, who hails from Detroit, but studied musical theatre at Purchase College, State University of New York.  However, he is mum about his personal and romantic relationships, but identifies himself as gay.

“As a Black man and as a Black gay man, it’s very seldom that I get the opportunity to tell such a rich, lush story that really means something and that I really feel speaks to my community and can uplift us,” he said in an interview with Essence magazine.




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