Saturday, March 6, 2021

Cory Haywood: This Year’s ‘Stupid’ Award Goes to Black Voters for Helping Joe Biden Pander His Way Into the White House

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Joe Biden greets Black voters in SC
Joe Biden greets supporters at his primary election night event in Columbia, South Carolina, on February 29, 2020. He received nearly two-thirds of the black vote in the state’s primary / Getty Images

*This is how I imagine a phone call would go between me and President Joe Biden.

Me: “Hello, Mr. President.”

Biden: “Jello? Did you say ‘Jello?’ Man I love that stuff. How can I help you, son?”

Me: “No, sir, I didn’t say … anyway, I have a few concerns I’d like to discuss.”

Biden: “Well okay, but first let me ask, are you transgender or a refugee?”

Me: “No, sir.”

Biden: “Are you an illegal immigrant? I got money for ya if you are!”

Me: “No. I was born here.”

Biden: “Oh darn. Well, do you have a robotic arm, pegged legs, or a rainbow-colored penis?”

Me: “Dude, hell naw! I’m black!”

Biden: “Oh my. Black? Well son, I really can’t help you. God bless (click).”

End of conversation.

Biden’s inauguration last week featured inspiring words from a young black poetess, prayer from a black preacher, and music from black entertainers.

There were a few white performers thrown in the mix that day – for optics.

Biden even convinced Garth Brooks – who’s whiter than white – to perform some of his classics during the ceremony.

Still, it was pretty obvious, Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris put on a good ol minstrel show and disguised it as a showcase of diversity.

But I’ll get to that later.

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Joe Biden Kamala Harris
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The election is over. Trump is gone (we think). The dust has finally settled. Biden is the country’s new head honcho, and of course, niggas everywhere feel like they’ve helped America turn a pivotal corner.

How exciting.

If Biden can avoid dying from natural causes, he will spend the next four years making tough decisions for the American people. But here’s the million-dollar question – which interest groups will Biden help the most?

Well, I’ll give you a hint – it WON’T BE NIGGAS!

Biden’s off to a great start if his goal is to prove why black people made a mistake giving him their vote. He’s already implementing policies that will benefit gays, transgenders, and undocumented workers. It’s very Obama-like, almost identical, and we ALL know the Obama experiment didn’t work out particularly well for blacks.

Biden’s LONG list of priorities as president also includes granting citizenship to boatloads of illegal immigrants (no pun intended).

Meanwhile, it appears the needs and grievances of African Americans have been put on the proverbial back burner, despite Biden’s promise to put them at the forefront of his plans.

There’s even audio circulating across the internet of ol’ Joe condescendingly dismissing questions from a group of civil rights advocates during a private (and presumptively unfruitful) meeting.

Boy oh boy, this could get ugly – I can already hear the cries of Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump – “what happened to everything you promised, Mr. President?!”

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Joe Biden- and James Clyburn / Getty

I know it’s only been a few days since Biden was inaugurated, and if he were anyone else, I’d be inclined to give him more leeway.

However, I still just can’t get over how he snatched the black vote last year, despite his contribution to the creation and implementation of the 1994 crime bill.

Some of y’all’s uncles and daddies are still in prison because of Biden.

I’m not surprised by the whispering on social media from critics who suspect Biden may have conned and pandered his way into the White House. After all, “pandering” to minorities (especially black voters) is a skill that democrats have mastered. There’s no limit to how far they’ll go to manipulate the emotions of black people.

Newly-minted Vice President Kamala Harris recited Tupac lyrics during an interview last year. She also made it very clear to a reporter once that she enjoys good ol fashioned soul food.

There’s an image that captures Harris flashing a well-timed grin as she digs her crusty fork into a bowl of collard greens. You can find it on Google.

That’s right – Harris and Biden are the Shaq and Kobe of pandering.

No wait, I take that back.

Lemme try this again … Biden is the Larry bird of pandering.

Yeah, that sounds better.

Biden’s inauguration was just another example of Democrats using blacks as chess pieces and stage props to gain brownie points in the ghetto.

He knew that giving the young woman a platform to speak would elicit gleeful cheering and incessant tweeting from his black supporters, especially women. He definitely knew that selecting a black man to lead prayer during the ceremony would get the attention of big mamma and her Bible thumping friends at church.

Both performers were there for a specific purpose – to stir the emotions and fantasies of black voters.  Make them feel counted. It’s the same formula that democrats have used over the years to finagle black votes undeservedly.

These vultures specialize in political gamesmanship and emotional manipulation, especially when they’re targeting black people. Nevertheless, somehow, the black majority always falls into the same political traps. It’s like clockwork. From the looks of it, Biden and Harris will have a stranglehold on the black vote for years to come. They’re running the perfect two-man game.

Cory A. Haywood

Cory A. Haywood, is a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: [email protected] and/or visit his blog:, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood



  1. I’m so saddened by this article……Millions of people have died, are still dying and all you can do as a self proclaimed intelligent human being, is spew out more unnecessary mumbo jumbo about the mind set of black people. Yes I voted for Biden/Harris and I’ll do it again before I support an narcissistic, prejudice, egotistical maniac like Trump or his followers. The past 4yrs has brought back in full force the demons of racism, disrespect towards others n women, especially of color….

  2. What an idiot! What did the last administration do? What has the author of the article done, to uplift the Black community? Just shut up.

  3. Terrible article…loses all credibility straight from the beginning. Thanks to the author for showing your true colors tho!

  4. Cory Hayood…. just because you’re black what makes you think it’s okay to throw around derogatory words regarding your own culture?

    “N***AS” … really? How’re old are you🙄
    Have more respect… try to be a man who helps lift up, not knock down the Black Community.

  5. I only have two wishes in life. One, that I get an unlimited supply of bath bombs. Two, that I could the the time I spent reading this opinion piece back. Unfortunately as we all hurtle to an inevitable demise, I can’t help but take stock on the things I’ve learned and done, all the good times I’ve shared with friends, and the utterly relaxing moments when I’ve enhanced my bath with a bath bomb. But this this opinion piece pierces through all those pleasant moments. I fear that going into the afterlife, this article will be remembered as a testament to how some opinions are actually just wrong. And I bet this guy thinks the world is round.

    Anyways I give this opinion piece a 4/10. I’ve read better.

  6. Omg… this article is terrible 😣
    I know the disclaimer at the beginning of the article states it’s the writers opinion only, and not that of EURWEB but oh my goodness.
    Shame on you

  7. Amazing article. Well written and to the point. I think it cut a little too close to home based on the first replies here, though.

  8. Lol imagine your great grandchildren thinking you were apart of the movement to advance us as a race and instead finding this article! Lol good luck sir

  9. There is a special sadness reading a piece written by a bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic African American.

    Everyone knows the Dems pander to the “black vote” and the Republicans pander to the racist votes. Nothing insightful there. That’s how “allegiances” are formed. The point is to find ways to leverage this influential bloc.
    Yes Biden and way too many other politicians white and black were wrangled into the harsh racist criminal laws starting in the 80s. But to say that one man who has turned away from that philosophy is worse than the man who still wants those laws to be in place and to strengthen them as well as keeping black men in prison (even wanting them excited) when DNA evidence indicates their innocence is beyond “dumb”. DumbDumbsadsad.

    I couldn’t get his links to work.

    Is this even a real publication?

  10. You seem to be very bitter.

    While it might not be beneficial to N****s, it is for black folks.

    If you had been paying attention during his campaign, you would have heard Mr. Biden admit to his mistakes.

    People want to point out his past but fail to acknowledge that he plans to rectify his choices by doing more for minorities now and in the future.

    Some of his plans aren’t specific to us but they are INCLUSIVE.

    For instance, the plan to increase minimum wage is beneficial to black and brown communities given their socioeconomic status compared to wypipo.

    He has chosen a diverse group of people to serve in various positions.

    As for his age…so what! You better pray that when you reach his age you will have the wherewithal to carry even close to a load of responsibilities as he.

    Instead of pointing out everything that you believe is wrong, use your platform to DO SOMETHING to CONTRIBUTE to BUILDING UP our communities.

  11. Cory, you are a mufuggin idiot full of ignorance spewing bullshit. You go ahead and support the tRumpians who’d love to see you either dead, jail or in endentured servitude. Knees grows like you deserve a royal ass kicking

  12. If telling the truth about the problems in my community makes me a “coon,” then I proudly accept the label.

    In fact, I studied at the Conservative School of Coonery.
    Graduated summa “coon” laude.

    I’m working on my 2nd book, “The 10 Commandments of Black Liberalism.” It’s coming soon, and it’ll be a full course meal of unmitigated truth.

    In the meantime, have an appetizer, buy my book “Coon Flakes: Musings of an Uppity Negro.”

    It contains my opinions about race, politics, feminism, religion, and a lot more.

    This isn’t a joke – the book is REAL and it’s only $4.49 on Amazon. Buy it!

    Read it on your cell phone, laptop, or tablet ( just download the kindle app).

    Here’s the link:

  13. What an idiot you’re, Cory A. Haywood, A total disgrace to your community, you got educated to be like this? Huh? Where do I even start to address these bunch of bolonies you’re spewing here. Tell ur massa, we ain’t buying your bullshit. Many of us voted for Biden, and would gladly do it yet again for even his statue before we ever think of voting for whatever it is that the current Republican Party seems to represent rt now, much less Trumpism. The only people who will buy your bullshit stupid book will be morons like you, and perhaps proud boys.

  14. You got it so wrong! You think that black Americans are expecting what, exactly? All we have ever wanted since being here is to not be judged my the color of our skin but the content of our character! To be treated fairly under the law! I want black my son to make it home safely and killed by a racist cop or civilian! You spew a lot of hate for your own, which I can’t understand the point you are trying to make. Through all of this hate you never provided, not once your recommendation on what you believe will get us what we “want”. Go read you books to your children aloud maybe that will help! Spam, click bait nonsense

  15. The article is spot on. Biden plagiarized his speech during his ‘88 presidential campaign. At the same time he was caught lying about his academic credentials. The man has spent decades perfecting the art of deception. He is a prolific liar, as he’s already proven in his first week.

    Kudos to Cody for the courage to speak the truth

  16. I have never heard of, but this article is utter trash. I doubt I will be reading more of this rubbish moving forward.

  17. All the emotions! How is his article any different than all your negative comments? I found it humorous right along with some comments. I welcome anyone to a civil conversation. Look me up that’s my real name.

  18. Who sold this guy his opinions? Mix bad premise with witty narcissism and you have this guy. Why does it sound like you’re trying to sell air conditioners in Alaska? You’d have better luck with that…and more self-respect. Weak sh*t fam.

  19. i am ashamed of any person who voted for biden
    under trump more pedos have been hemped than in all of history combined
    obama never even touched the subject
    i look at people different now
    {dont bother clapping back there is no excuse for this fuckery}


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