Monday, September 27, 2021

Steve Harvey Shares His Thoughts on Police Brutality & BLM Movement // STEVE on Watch

*A brand-new episode of STEVE on Watch is AVAILABLE NOW. In the final week of new season two episodes, Steve Harvey shares his powerful thoughts on why the issue of police brutality is finally receiving more attention and the inspiring lessons he has passed onto his own sons.

  • Episode Title: What Can I Teach My Son About Police Brutality?
  • Description: He wants to teach his son to be strong when it comes to police brutality and the pandemic. Steve shared the inspiring lessons that he taught his own sons.

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Steve Harvey (screenshot)

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Steve Harvey responds to a fan in his popular “Hey Steve” segment about the advice he has given to his sons for how to protest and stand up for what’s right safely: 
    • Steve Harvey: “That’s a conversation that a lot of us – especially as people of color – that we have to have with our sons when it comes to the police and how to conduct themselves in public. I have three sons…I can’t tell you the conversations we’ve had since they were 10 years old. As you talk to your son, you have to give him the real truthful lessons about life, about how there are people out there that we pay to uphold the law…who need to be upheld to the law at the same time too.
  • Steve Harvey shares why he believes the protests against police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining momentum now, more than ever before:
    • Steve Harvey: “But there’s an upside to this conversation that we should be having with our sons too because of what’s happened with Floyd and Arbery and because of COVID, I think for the first time the world was sitting still – nobody was on Spring Break, nobody was at happy hour, nobody was at work, nobody was on vacation – and the world was frozen and they actually saw it over and over and over, what it looks like and what actually happens to a lot of people. And I think for the first time ever non-African Americans, more so than I’ve ever seen before, have joined in to protest and be outraged of what’s happening to people of color. And I think that has been the thing that we’ve needed for a long time – we needed someone else to be outraged other than us.”

About STEVE on Watch:
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