Thursday, October 6, 2022

New Black-Owned Video Sharing Platform Offers An Uncensored Space for Black Creatives

*CHICAGO – Black Creatives looking for a space to be unapologetically black and undeniably uncensored need look no further than Launched in the beta phase last June, the platform is a Black-owned video sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, like and comment on user-generated videos from all over the world.

Videe0’s goal is to offer a space that empowers content creators to create content without the fear of censorship and ostracism. Users can upload various kinds of video content including, but not limited to: music videos, films, documentaries, audio recordings, video blogs, original short videos and educational and tutorial videos.

Videe0 founder Clarence “Lil C” Green said that the platform is committed to expression without consequences.

“Black and Brown voices are disproportionately stifled on every major social media platform today,” Green said. “Our favorite social media platforms have continued the censorship and marginalization. They are built to profit from Black America, not to build Black America. Black Americans are in dire need of our own social media platform. Since the First Amendment was created, freedom of speech has always had consequences for Black Americans. A social network that imposes our expression in a way that is not ostracized has arrived.”

Users must be at least 18 years old to register


About Videe0 Inc.

A global digital media company, videe0 creates, publishes, distributes and licenses entertainment and educational programming from various types of user generated content. The videe0 portfolio includes websites, mobile apps, films, games, user generated programming, documentaries, podcasts and music that inspires people of color all over the world.





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