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Pastor Calvin Roberson Talks ‘Married at First Sight’ Success Stories

Calvin Roberson and his wife Wend
Calvin Roberson and his wife Wendy, via Twitter

*After 8 seasons on Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight,” Pastor Calvin Roberson of Atlanta says he still believes in the process. 

The hit dating reality television series is on season 12, which debuted this month. Roberson is one of the experts on the show who paired up 10 single Atlantans, that are given two weeks to prepare to meet the individual’s they are partnered with on their wedding day.

According to, “the success rate of the show is around 30%, so far,” the outlet writes. 

Roberson serves up advice for the couples as they adjust to their new life together. 

“What keeps me around are the success stories,” said Roberson. “Marriage and relationships are what I do. I don’t just play a relationships expert on TV. There are now couples with families. There are babies that have come out of this! There are serious relationships still surviving and working through things. This is a great avenue to just create happy families.”

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The couples this season are in their 20s and 30s and are all white-collar professionals, according to the report. 

“We’ve had more than 70,000 people apply over the years,” Roberson said. “It’s mind-blowing. People want to get beyond the dating crap. People feel disposable.”

Roberson said the couples that work out are those who are most emotionally mature.

“People have to have the ability to change,” Roberson said. “That flexibility. Change does not have to be scary. Saying you can’t change me, that you have to accept me as I am is not something we say in any other arena.”

He added: “You change for people. I’ve changed so much for my wife. She’s changed for me. That’s how people get along. We change for each other. Once you get beyond that barrier, you’re not losing your independence. You’re gaining emotional freedom to be not only who you are but fulfill another person’s legitimate need. That’s a beautiful place to be. That’s what we try to achieve.”

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