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Ready To Love, Season 3 Reunion Part 1: The Lies That Bind


*Most of the drama that happened during this season of Ready To Love seemed to be orchestrated by the producers of the show. Cast members were just pawns on the board! At least that’s how it looked after part one of the reunion unfolded. Yet there were a few bombshell revelations that made it worth watching. 

Uncle Tommy – wearing his purple suit with no socks – addressed the biggest rumor of a pending birth to Alecia. She confirmed she was pregnant during the production and pregnant during the reunion. Her newborn should be a month old by now. She said none of the male cast members is the father and she claims to have found love with the unnamed baby’s father!

That explains why she always had enough snacks in her room to fill a pantry and enough crumbs in her unmade bed to cover a theatre floor. It doesn’t explain why – if she already was pregnant and had ‘found love’ off the show – why was she on the show to begin with? Was she trying to catch somebody in her trick bag? If Bryan HAD gone back to her room that night for “a movie” would he now be looking at 18 years of support for a child that wasn’t his? 

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Alicia wasn’t the only person facing pregnancy rumors: Alyx said she was told her former love interest, Bryan, had a child on the way. If you remember, Bryan had captured Alyx’s attention because they both claimed to be practicing abstinence. Maybe that was just a line he was throwing out. Either way Bryan denied the baby rumors and Uncle Tommy moved on from it. 

David was next to feel the heat of the spotlight. He was the first cast member to get caught on the wrong end of the money conversation when he told Alecia he didn’t feel it was his responsibility to foot all the bills for her and her bad-ass kids! She told the other ladies and he got the boot. At the reunion David said he was misunderstood, explaining that if he just met someone he shouldn’t be expected to pay everybody’s way until they get to know each other. In the meantime, David and Alyx have been getting to know each other outside of the resort. They started dating since they both got kicked off the show.

That’s when the spotlight hit Symone and we found out the real reason she confronted Jay about going to Wynter’s bedroom. Apparently, Jay was keeping his interest in Symone a secret while he played ping pong with Joy and Wynter. During the reunion, there was never before seen video that showed the connection between Jay and Symone. It also showed how much Jay and Wynter were into each other. For some reason show producers chose to focus on the love triangle storyline between Joy, Jay and Wynter. Symone felt like the middle of a donut – left out. So she threw salt on their love triangle to get attention. Not only did it make Jay look bad, it made Wynter look THOTish. She felt vindicated at the reunion when the other women saw how Jay played all three of them.

There’s more during the reunion that was revealed, including whether Wynter and Anthony are still an item and if Joy and Jay still are together. But the bombshell reveal was what Denise said about Joy after she left the show to mourn her sister. Click on the video to find out all the details.

Steffanie Rivers

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