Friday, December 3, 2021

Actress Ciera Payton Stars As Wendy Williams in Lifetime Biopic [EUR Exclusive / WATCH]

*Wendy Williams the self-proclaimed Queen of media is spilling the tea on herself. The talk famed show host produced her biopic – “Wendy Williams: The Movie” – which is set to air on Lifetime on January 30. The film gives fans a raw and authentic look into her life. Starting from the issues she had as a young girl to her drug use and unfaithful husband. 

We sat down with actress Ciera Payton who plays Wendy Williams and asked her what was the process of transforming into Wendy Williams.

“I was just trying to soak up as much as I can from Wendy. I watched the show. I watched every interview I could find of her,” says Payton.

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All of the studying of Wendy Williams paid off. Ciera embodies that big personality that we all know but also tapped into Wendy’s vulnerable side. In the movie, Wendy is very open about the struggles of her past relationships. She even opens up about being date raped by an 80’s R&B singer. She is facing backlash from the late singer’s wife, but that is Wendy’s story to tell in her own time.  

Williams is also candid about her body image issues. Most women oftentimes have insecurities about themselves and their bodies and Wendy is no different. Her issues with body image started when she was young. She was a chubby child and her parents constantly put her on diets and always weighed her. 

“It was so touching but also heartbreaking for me, learning about her struggles with body image started at such a young age,” says Payton referring to learning about Williams’ upbring. 

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Wendy Williams the Movie (promo)

“Wendy Williams: The Movie” will reveal a lot of things viewers may not have ever known about the former DJ-turned talk show host. She may take a lot of heat at times for telling everyone else’s business, but you have to respect the fact that she is willing to turn the tables on herself and tell all of her business 

You can check out Ciera Payton as Wendy Williams in “Wendy Williams: The Movie” airing on Lifetime on January 30. 



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