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Stevie Wonder’s Baby Sister was Found Dead Three Years Ago

Stevie Wonder with Father Mother and Sister Renee Lynda Hardaway
Stevie Wonder with his father, his mother Lula Mae Hardaway and his sister at the Grammy Awards in Hollywood, March 1974 / Photo: Getty

*The year 2018 was a tough one for iconic singer, recording artist, and performer Stevie Wonder.  In that year, he mourned the death of his good friend, the legendary Aretha Franklin, but three months earlier he dealt with the passing of his sister Renee, who was 56 years old.  She was the youngest of six children of Stevie’s mother, Lula Mae Hardaway.

As an adult, Renee had co-written songs with Stevie, including “I Can’t Help It,” which appeared on Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” album.

According to reports, Renee Lynda Hardaway’s body was discovered inside her home.  It was determined that she had been dead for perhaps days.  She was so badly decomposed that she was almost unrecognizable.  The cause of death was not publicized.

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For Stevie, Renee’s death was heartbreaking, even though it was reported that their once closeness had widened.

Several who were close to the circumstance, stated that Renee’s son, Alpha Lorenzo Walker, attempted to extort millions of dollars from Stevie, by threatening to tell the media bogus news that would tarnish Stevie’s reputation.

With Stevie’s help, his nephew was caught red-handed at trying to pull off the lie, because of nifty police work.  The nephew was sent to prison as a result of his diabolical plot against Stevie.

Renee Lynda Hardaway - 189869557_1526758432
Renee Lynda Hardaway

Yet, Renee was respected by those in Stevie’s circle.

“She was a delight,“ said John Lindsay, Stevie’s former electronics engineer.  “She was funny and outgoing.  I always thought she would be an entertainer.”

Renee is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles, in the same resting place as her and Stevie’s mother.




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