Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Angela Rye Talks MAGA Mob, Trump’s Jail-able Crimes and More on ‘Breakfast Club’ (Watch)

Angela Rye talks Capitol chaos on The Breakfast Club (Jan. 8, 2021)

*”We knew who Donald Trump was before he was ever coming down the escalator trying to announce his run for presidency,” said Angela Rye, political analyst and host of the podcast “On One” during her interview last week on “The Breakfast Club.”

Rye got up at 3 in the morning on the West Coast for the socially-distant interview from her home. She spoke to DJ Envy, Charlamagne tha God and Angela Yee about a number of issues surrounding MAGA’s deadly siege of the U.S. Capitol.

Asked whether legislators on both sides of the aisle would support the prosecution of his crimes because of how a jailed U.S. president would look to the rest of the world, Rye responded, “I think that’s a really great question, Envy, and I don’t know the answer to it. What I can tell you now is, how have we looked to the world for the last four years? We look crazy now.”

She continued: “We should be most concerned with ensuring we do whatever we need to do at this point to protect our national security interest. … This attempted coup has now demonstrated to other crazy people, Proud Boys, right wing extremists, racists, that it is possible to break into the Capitol and put in jeopardy the lives of members of Congress and Capitol Hill staff, of which I was one for six years.

“If there is no jail-able offense for Donald Trump, that is certainly one.”




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