Monday, January 18, 2021

Wendy Williams Says She Doesn’t Regret 25-Year relationship with Kevin Hunter

*Wendy Williams is set to release her biopic “Wendy Williams: The Movie” later this month on Lifetime and the TV host is getting candid on her breakup with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.  Williams filed for divorce after Kevin Hunter reportedly got his mistress pregnant.

Still, Wendy said recently that she has no regrets about her relationship with Kevin Hunter.

“The life that I’m living right now is my best life, and I have no guilt about saying that. I don’t regret meeting Kevin, I don’t regret falling in love, I don’t regret staying with him for all 25 years, 21 of them married.”
Adding, “I like who I am, so I have no regrets.”

As far as staying in the marriage for so long, Williams told reporters the more she saw Kevin’s presence in their family home as a steady presence and influence for their son, Kevin Jr., the more she wanted to try everything possible to make her family work. This was especially the case as her talk show grew in popularity.

“The bigger the talk show got and the more I would look into my son’s eyes and see the things that he needed regarding having his father present in the home, and his mother and the family foundation, the more I decided to give of myself,” she said.

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