Monday, April 19, 2021

Watch as MAGA Terrorists Find Out They’re on the No Fly List After Capitol Siege (Video Compilation)

MAGA people being arrested in aiports after learning they are on the No Fly List following terrorist attack on the Capitol

*Twitter is awash with video of MAGA Capitol rioters being hauled off of planes or detained in airport gates by police after learning they were labeled domestic terrorists and placed on no fly lists.

White insurrectionists – including middle-aged mothers and young women – were unable to board planes after their assault on the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. Video of the arrests began building Monday under the top trending hashtag #noflylist.

Grab some popcorn and take a look at just some of the arrest clips below:



  1. Some just don’t know how blessed they’ve been, do they know their history and the rest just don’t give a darn and the rest just don’t give a darn.

  2. Wait till you see whats coming from the CHEATERS biden / the whore administration. You be wishing Trump was president.
    When china moves in and takes your job. Then the joke will be on you.

  3. I am no fan of Trumpster, but I will say that honestly he got played by various groups of white supremacists who have been in the woodwork for years, it did not specifically have to be Trump, It could have been anyone who gives them an opportunity. In the following days and weeks I think we will see just how prevalent they are in this society, and in our government, local, state and federal. Seek the truth in your hearts people, it’s wrong anyway you look at it. Time to clean house everywhere.

  4. It’s the Republicans American duty to deprogram all the confused voters on “the big lie”. They perpetuated it through the last 4 years and there is no surprise on the other side. Gotta wonder why they ( left, center) can predict the future right? Booo, it’s the same playbook fascists and dictators have used for centuries…echoing propaganda, force division, until they really believe the lies are true. Eventually, everyone is against you and ultimately radicalize your side to the point of violence….that’s the game!!! Now I’m gonna go worship the devil and eat a child’s arm because I’m hungry and evil…lol. WAKE UP MY FELLOW REPUBLICANS…IF YOU’RE A RACIST🖕


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