Monday, July 4, 2022

The Outcome Would NOT Have Been Worse if the Protesters at the Capitol Building Were Black

*I’ll be called an “Uncle Tom” or a “coon” when people read this, but I don’t care.

Like it or not, here’s the truth – if blacks stormed the capitol building instead of whites, they would’ve been applauded by the liberal media, democrats, and civil rights activists all over the country.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that if a group of black vigilantes successfully invaded a government-controlled building, the events of that day would be adapted into a screenplay and directed by Spike Lee.

Do I believe blacks would’ve been treated any worse by security or the police than the actual perpetrators were treated? No. I don’t. Why? It’s simple.

There’s hesitation among the powers that be to hold blacks accountable for their actions, even if these actions threaten the safety and integrity of black communities.

In other words, it’s become “racist” for people who dictate power in this country to be openly critical of blacks when they violate laws and push boundaries. In this day and age, white guilt and their efforts to atone for the transgressions of their slave-owning forefathers allows blacks to get away with murder – literally – without suffering any major consequences.

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The “slavery card” gives blacks immunity from the criticism and judgment that other racial groups experience when they transgress, especially whites. It’s a form of privilege.

For evidence, all you have to do is analyze footage from last year’s outbreak of BLM protests.

Although many of them were peaceful, there were also a great many that transformed into full-fledged riots – resulting in death, and irrevocable damage to public and private property. These acts of terrorism weren’t mitigated by law enforcement or the military.

The rioters were allowed to loot, burn and pillage whatever they set their eyes on.

In fact, these crimes happened repeatedly without the interference of police for several weeks. The perpetrators weren’t punished appropriately, they weren’t scolded by democrats, or repudiated by the media. They weren’t criminalized and shamed like the “rioters” who broke into the capitol building. The energy was completely and utterly different.

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US Capitol Rioters - GettyImages-1230457258-2
US Capitol Rioters

These incidents spanned an entire damn summer, they forced city and state officials nationwide to impose curfews on their residents, and they caused small business owners and retail establishments to fortify their buildings with a protective covering.

In the midst of all this, where was the police? Where were Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris hiding while these riots threatened to destroy entire communities? Why didn’t CNN condemn the perpetrators?

The answer is simple – it’s NOT en vogue to shake a finger at blacks – or their allies – no matter how shamefully and unlawfully they behave.

US Capitol riot - screenshot
US Capitol riot – screenshot

The current climate in our society allows blacks to express themselves in ways that endanger themselves and others, because as it stands, being “woke” means coming up with excuses to rationalize the dysfunction and carnage haunting communities of color.

For these reasons, I seriously doubt that blacks would encounter more aggression from police if a group of them invaded the capitol building. I doubt their fate would be any worse than their white counterparts.

I’m sure Joe Biden would reward them with stimulus checks and Popeyes chicken sandwiches.

Right now, there’s a forcefield protecting blacks from the consequences that recklessness elicits. I don’t see it disappearing anytime soon.

cory a haywood
Cory A. Haywood

Cory A. Haywood is a freelance writer based in Southern California. Contact him via: and/or visit his blog:, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood



  1. This article sucks nothing but lies and no facts from a privileged borderline racist with no connection to any other culture but this white male dominated society

  2. This article has no merit or understanding of what black people fight for in this country. This is a poor misguided attempt to compare the 2 there is no comparison. We all know what would have the outcome had blm stormed the capitol and killed people and brought bombs. Please do better research before you give an opinion. Shit like this us what keeps us divided.

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