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QB Deshaun Watson Unhappy with Texans Over His Lack of involvement in GM Hire / VIDEO

OK, let’s talk NFL news. Specifically, the NFL’s Deshaun Watson. It seems the NFL’s passing yards leader in 2020, is not at all happy with the Houston Texans.

On Thursday, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Pro Bowler is “extremely unhappy” with the Texans regarding his lack of involvement in and the process that led to the team’s decision to hire GM Nick Caserio this week.

Apparently, Watson feels like he was stabbed in the back because Texans owner Cal McNair told him he would be involved in the process and his feedback would be solicited during the team’s search for a GM and head coach, but it didn’t go down like that, says Rapoport.

It’s not so much that Watson has a problem with the actual hiring of Caserio, but it’s the fact that he was left out of the process. Rapoport noted that Watson wanted the organization to at least listen to his voice, as well as the locker room’s, and also give him the opportunity to meet with candidates.

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Obviously, that didn’t happen and  Watson found out on Twitter about the impending hire of Caserio, similar to how he found out about March’s DeAndre Hopkins trade to the Cardinals, according to Rapoport.

Watson has not spoken to Texans brass in the last few days, though they have tried to call him, Rapoport added.

Earlier in the day, Caserio issued a statement after his hiring was made official, saying he wants to “build something special” in Houston and that Watson, who’s demanding to be traded, isn’t going anywhere.

Watson, the team’s best player,  figures to be at the center of those efforts by Caserio to “build something special” if he’s still a Texan. And most likely he will be when you consider that the 25-year-old star is under contract until 2025. Plus, with his talent, he’ll be a huge determining factor as the team maps out its course for the future.

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