Monday, April 19, 2021

Fans Call On Kim Kardashian to Date Rumored Lover Van Jones After Kanye Split

*Kim Kardashian has not yet filed to divorce her hip-hop star husband Kanye West but her fans are already hoping she makes it official with her rumored lover Van Jones

Kardashian and Jones have worked together on prison reform, after meeting at the White House three years ago. The CNN commentator told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” in 2019 that the reality star is “brilliant.” He also revealed that he and Kardashian chat “a couple times a week.”

Jones and his ex-wife Jana Carter finalized their divorce in June 2019. Kanye is Kardashian’s third marriage.

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One Twitter user wrote, “I try not to dip too deep into the gossip pool but Kim Kardashian & Van Jones is not far off base, she’s trying to pass the California Bar to become a lawyer.Van Jones is a lawyer. At least she’s calculated.”

“Kim Kardashian and Van Jones: An Inevitable Love Story,” wrote another.

Van Jones Kim Kardashian

In 2018, Jones and Kardashian spoke about her marriage and Kanye on his CNN show

“As the partner of a creative genius who sometimes gets himself in trouble, what do you think is the most important thing that you can do in that relationship?” he asked.

Kardashian responded, “I think just being that support system even if you don’t see eye to eye and there’s a lot going on. I think always being real, like we have really good communication, so we always — no matter what it is … if I agree, if I don’t agree — I’m always there and I think he knows that.”

According to an exclusive Page Six report, a “divorce is imminent” for West and Kardashian after six years of marriage. They have four children together. 

Meanwhile, Kanye is said to be getting cozy at his Wyoming ranch with makeup artist Jeffrey Star.

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