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Andy Cohen Reacts to Backlash Over His ‘Biased’ Hosting of RHOP Reunion [WATCH]

*Bravo boss Andy Cohen shed more light on what really went down during the “Real Housewives of Potomac” Season 5 reunion. 

In the latest episode of “Watch What Happens Live” on Sunday night, Cohen addressed the backlash he’s been receiving over what fans deemed his biased treatment of cast member Monique Samuels. During the reunion, Cohen grilled Samuels about her husband’s income (or lack thereof), and the physical altercation between she and co-star Candiace Dillard Bassett.  

Andy claims he also asked Candiace some hard-hitting questions that didn’t air due to editing, MadameNoire reports. 

“By the way Rachel,” Cohen asked guest Rachel Lindsay,  “you’re a big Real Housewives of Potomac fan, were you furious with me like everyone else was at my reunion hosting?”

“I wasn’t furious. That’s not the right word. I did think you were more on Candiace’s side than Monique’s,” she responded. “You were a little bit… You held [Monique’s] feet to the fire more than you did-”

Andy interjected, saying, “I got that a lot, and I have to say I was really pushing for this to be four parts. I really talked to Candiace, a lot, about her role in this, and the fact that really people think that, a lot of people think that she provoked it, and she said ‘drag me.’ And we talked about that in relation to what Kenya and Porsha went through and I don’t think enough of that made it in the show, clearly, so, there you go.”

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Cohen’s other guest, Drew Sidora, then noted that she also talked to Candiace about the incident. 

“Because I talked to Candiace, I talk to Candiace, Candiace is my girl, and I just wanted to say you know, I see both sides,” she said. “But I think we need to commend the fact that we don’t talk enough about childhood trauma. We don’t talk about life trauma, and I think what we saw was a reaction based on that and I applaud both women for turning to counsel and to seeking help. And so I don’t like the whole picking sides thing. I think, you know, we can all see both sides and understand. I love Monique. Like I said Candiace is my girl, but I applaud them for getting the help that they needed and so hopefully I would just love for them to just get back to some friends, you know, at the end of all of the journey of their work.”

We previously reported, following the reunion show, Samuels announced she was leaving “The Real Housewives of Potomac” after four years. The move comes after she spent much of the current season sparring with her co-stars and compiling a binder of “receipts” to use to put folks on blast. 

“It was a crazy ride. It’s not easy doing reality TV, and to be quite honest, y’all, I’m over it,” Samuels said during an Instagram Live on Sunday, December 27. “I appreciate everything that people have done for me. Everybody that’s been Team Monique, I love y’all, I thank y’all.”

Monique said she’s quitting the reality show life to protect her family, Us magazine reported. 

“When you cross certain lines, there’s no going back. And for me, my family is that line,” she said. “The opinion of my family and my kids and what they think about anything that I do is more valuable to me than anybody’s opinion, so I’m over it.”

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