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Ready To Love Review, Ep. 11 – Love and Loss By Steffanie Rivers

*At the end of the last episode of “Ready to Love,” viewers were left with a cliffhanger. Uncle Tommy had some bad news to share. Now we know what that bad news was: Joy’s sister died unexpectedly in Chicago. So she left the resort to deal with her family tragedy.

Before she left to be with her family Joy sought comfort from Jay, and he was there for her. If there ever was any doubt it was confirmed Jay and Joy had made a genuine connection. That’s why she chose his shoulder to cry on during this emotional time.

Uncle Tommy told the rest of the group about Joy’s loss. And it was clear during that group meeting that Edwin was hearing the news for the first time along with everyone else. So it was painfully obvious to Edwin that he and Joy were not on the same page when it came to the possibilities of their relationship. Even though she was gone, Joy’s choice was obvious to everyone. She had chosen Jay. 

To confirm the feeling was mutual, Jay chose to self-eliminate from the program so he could be with Joy and support her during her family drama. 

Jay personally told Wynter about his decision to leave before he told the rest of the group. Although Wynter said she understood why he was leaving and wished him and Joy well, it was clear that she was disappointed!

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Since Joy had been the apple of Edwin’s eye from day one, Edwin decided he too would self-eliminate from the program. He told the group even though he felt his best chance at finding love had left, Edwin said he made some self-discoveries just by being part of the process. Edwin said he had gained self-love, which (in our Whitney Houston voice) is the greatest love of all! Then Edwin hugged Uncle Tommy and he walked out the door!

Meanwhile, back at the resort in the game room: Rashid and Adriana -aka Pop Tart- are still on that merry-go-round. He is still trying to get Pop Tart to commit to him. She won’t. She’s still see-sawing between Rashid and Khalfani. And that’s just part of the drama. 

Denise, realizing that Khalfani has treated her more like an option instead of a priority, told Khalfani he was being put on the back burner while she concentrated on Anthony. Denise made that decision based on strategy, trying to gauge Khalfani’s true feelings for her. But her strategy forced her into a box with no way out. Here’s why.

Denise confessed to Wynter that Anthony is her focus now. Since Jay no longer is an option for Wynter she too, is focused on Anthony. Denise confided in her competition. Wynter used that information to make another move on Anthony. She took him aside to confirm their chemistry is still brewing in the lab. And they sealed their bond with a(nother) kiss. Later that same day Khalfani also spoke to Anthony about Denise’s intentions to focus on him, her second option!

Although Anthony already knew he was playing second string to Khalfani – and he had accepted that – it’s different when the other man tells you you’re a woman’s second pick. Now Anthony’s ego is on display and he didn’t like being Denise’s consolation prize. So Anthony told Denise he was dropping her off at the next exit so he could drive off into the sunset with Wynter. But not before he told Denise her chances with Khalfani are a dead end too.  

Khalfani is forced to tell Denise he had decided to shoot all his shots at Adriana’s heart! So Denise is left feeling like the middle of a donut – left out of the equation. And she walks away alone.

It’s obvious that Wynter and Anthony will be one of the couples still standing. Although absent, Joy and Jay made it to the end together and probably have created a closer bond because of the death of Joy’s sister. Who will be Adriana’s choice, Khalfani or Rashid? Did Khalfani do the right thing by giving his sure thing, Denise, her walking papers? Is the ghostwriting on the invisible wall for Rashid? Adriana’s father is scheduled to appear in the show next episode to meet the two suitors after his daughter’s heart. 

Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries. Follow her @tcbstef on Twitter and Instagram.



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