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Azriel Clary Says She Catches Major Heat from Black Folks Over R. Kelly [VIDEO]

R. Kelly, Azriel Clary

*Azriel Clary, who was one of R. Kelly‘s girlfriends, is speaking out about the backlash she receives from the Black community over her connection to the R&B star.

Clary’s parents previously made claims that she was a minor when she got involved with the singer. Azriel recently dished with Fox Soul about why it’s important to speak her truth about her alleged toxic experience with Kelly. 

“For me personally, it was quite disturbing. A majority of the backlash that I received was from the Black community and other influencers and celebrities,” said Azriel. “But more importantly, that’s kind of what made me feel like it is quite important that I share this because there are so many people that are just like me. Victims are not the ones that should be shamed. It should be the predator. It should be the abuser.”

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“It just shows that there is still a lot of hypocritical people and there are a lot of people that are just very ignorant to the situation,” she added. “There’s really nothing that I can do for them, personally, but what I can do is help victims know that it is okay to tell how you feel. It is okay to open with the world regardless of the backlash that it comes with.”

Clary noted that most people have either “dealt with abuse or know someone who has gone through abuse in some way, shape, or form,” so she wanted to add voice to the conversation. 

Check out her moment on Fox Soul via the Instagram clip above.

Earlier this year, she took to Instagram live to vent about Kelly and she ripped a jacket to shreds that she said cost “4 bands.” Watch below.


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