Monday, September 26, 2022

Booger McFarland: Dwayne Haskins, Young Black Players Too Focused On Their Brand (Watch)

*ESPN analyst and former NFL player Booger McFarland shared his thoughts on the downward spiral of freshly fired Dwayne Haskins from the Washington Football Team. He said that the young African American players, which constitute nearly 70% of the league, are too concerned with their brand, especially on social media.

“Dwayne Haskins unfortunately is not the first case that I’ve seen like this and it won’t be the last. And it bothers me because a lot of it is the young African-American player,” McFarland said. “They come in and they don’t take this as a business. It is still a game to them.”

“My message to Dwayne Haskins, not just him, but the rest of the young players in the NFL [is], man, this is a game, but take it as a business. There are billions, with a ‘B,’ of dollars at stake, and until you start approaching this game that way, until you start coming to work saying… ‘how can I put my organization first instead of my damn Instagram?’ Take it as a serious business! But too many times it’s a game, we want to TikTok, we want to do all these other things. Man, do you understand how much money is at stake?”

After enough folks took issue with McFarland calling out African American players in particular, he underscored his point in another tweet, saying, “Of course I’m not speaking to ALL but in my 20+ years around the NFL I’ve seen to many cases. I stand by what I said whether u agree or disagree.”

ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth pushed back on McFarland’s singling out of Black players while discussing the matter this morning on “First Take” (at the 5:30 mark).




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