Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Pulse of Entertainment: Rock Star Tash Neal Debuts Solo Affords with ‘Something Ain’t Right’

Rock artist Tash Neal release solo single via Round Hill Music.

*“The second verse was brought about because we are in the position to directly address issues in the real world,” said Rock star Tash Neal (The London Souls) about his new solo single “Something Ain’t Right” (Round Hill Music), with accompanying music video. “The song was literally provoked when I watched the videos…of murder…televised…of black people being killed. It was too much.”

Tash, a well known Harlem New York Rock guitarist, singer and songwriter of the duo The London Souls, was motivated to release a solo project to address his feelings on the racism issues currently at hand with the release of the “Something Ain’t Right” single.

“What we are doing is putting out a few singles to lead up to it (solo album),” Neal pointed out. “I started writing songs and fell in love with it.”

As the front man of the duo The London Souls, Tash spent a decade playing in the New York circuit, at music festivals and touring with such heavy Rock hitters as Lenny Kravitz, and opening up for legendary Slash, The Who and The Black Crowes.

“I was born and raised in New York,” Tash Neal said about his background. When I asked if the duo was from London, because of the name, he laughed a little and said, “’The London Souls’ name looked cool.”

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When I mentioned how I love Lenny Kravitz music and how he reminds me of him, he said, “I got to do a real tour with him. I was a fan. He was a great guy, supportive and kind.”

When I complimented him for taking his music to the streets via a video I saw of The London Souls giving a concert from a van, he laughed and said, “We were jamming in that van! It was hot too!!”

Tash came from a musical family, so performing has been not only his life but it’s in his blood.

“My mother played the piano. She was a prodigy,” he said. “My father (a musician) is on the Dramatics’ single ‘What You See is What You Get’. I’m proud of that.” www.RoundHillMusic.com www.TashLive.com

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