Sunday, April 18, 2021

Black Creators Bring the 1st Audio Production of ‘The Lion King’ to Clubhouse App

*Clubhouse is the new invite-only audio app that is poised to be the next big thing in social media. The app works by allowing users to tap in and listen to conversations taking place in “rooms” about a variety of topics.


There are rooms where you can tap in and listen from “the audience.” There is a panel that’s “on stage,”  moderators are indicated by a green asterisk.  The audio-only convos aren’t recorded. You’re either there or you miss it… for now. The conversations are random on topics including investing, how to pitch a start-up or podcast, love and relationship advice, tech and other random topics. Or you could stumble on the readings of the Gucci Mane memoir, Tyrese giving advice to young actors in the biz, or a Jay Z appreciation night that included Dame Dash and other producers featured on his projects through the years.

On Saturday, December 26th, a group of the app’s users took innovation to the next level with an app performance of “The Lion King.”

This audio production featured two performances that consisted of over 40 entertainers and musicians, all who auditioned to be apart of the event. The idea started in a room, where marketing exec and event producer Noelle Chesnut Whitmore thought another CH user’s voice would be perfect to play Mufasa.

The production featured hours of rehearsal time, a choir, narrators, and imagery using the participants’ photo icons via PTR (pull to refresh,) to bring the performance to life.

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The entire cast and crew featured all people of color.  Kam Dela and Bomani X – whose picture is the current icon for the app – served as musical directors. Award-winning actor Myles Grier provided the voice of Simba, and Mir Harris as Nala. Other featured entertainers include actress and producer Gina Belafonte, Dr. Victor, Minh Do, Brandon Rainey, Tunde Sho and more. PR services were provided by Artiste House.

Over 5000 people listened in to the matinee performance. The hashtag #LionKingCH also trended on Twitter. If you haven’t snagged an invite to the app, you can download it and get on the waiting list. The app was launched in the spring of 2020. It started with less than 10,000 users, currently, the numbers are close to 1 million. It’s expected to go into wide release in 2021.



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