Friday, November 26, 2021

Shemar Moore: Actor Reveals He’s Tested Positive for COVID-19


*Shemar Moore has revealed to fans that he tested positive for COVID-19

In a message shared on social media, the actor explained that he thought he was suffering from food poisoning before a test for the potentially deadly virus yielded a positive result.

“I HAVE COVID!!!!” he posted. “Just found out moments ago…I am gonna stay wrapping presents… Yes… I have been tested and told that I HAVE COVID!!!”

Check out his full Instagram message below. 

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Discussing his symptoms, Moore wrote, “I thought I had food poisoning… chills and aches all day today… still can smell, taste, no cough, no runny nose… I have to accept test results.”

The 50-year-old TV star then acknowledged that his holiday festivities won’t be the same.

“My Xmas n New Years is clearly not gonna be the best… my last year and a half have not been the best… This is a hard time for ALL OF US… the WORLD!!! But…I BELIEVE in the sun shining through the rain!!!”

He added, “Stay safe and appreciate everything and everybody you have and had!! MUCH LOVE!!!!”

This is also Moore’s first Christmas without his beloved mother, as she passed away in February. She was 76 years old. 

“This is real life,” he said of her death at the time in emotional videos posted online, per ET. “Your baby boy is OK, but I’m hurt real bad. It’s not a game, it’s not a joke, I’m hurting real bad. … She’s gone. This is my whole life, everything I’ve ever known,” he continued. 

“I am heartbroken. Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore was my partner in crime … my Bonnie to my Clyde. Everything I’ve ever known, everything I’ve ever worked hard for, ‘Mama, here comes that man.’ I don’t know life without this woman.”

Moore didn’t specify how his mother died, but noted that she suffered from heart issues and multiple sclerosis.

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