Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Steve Harvey Awards Musician Shamarr Allen $10,000 for ‘Trumpet is My Weapon’ // STEVE on Watch

*A brand-new episode of STEVE on Watch is AVAILABLE NOW. In today’s new episode, Steve sits down with New Orleans musician, Shamarr Allen, to talk about the program he created called “Trumpet Is My Weapon” – a gun-for-trumpet exchange.

Seeing gun violence as a prevalent issue in his community, Allen wanted to give the youth a chance to turn to music instead of violence. Any kid with a gun throughout New Orleans can hand it over to him – no questions asked – in exchange for a free trumpet. He has successfully been able to give away (7) brand-new trumpets already and, to reward him for his part in bettering New Orleans, Steve Harvey rewards Allen with $10,000 to continue his mission.

  • Episode Title: Using Trumpets to Get Guns Off the Streets!
  • Description: Shamarr is a musician in New Orleans with an inventive way to get guns off the streets: by trading them with trumpets! He told Steve about his powerful mission to get kids away from violence and into music.

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Steve Harvey - Shamarr Allen
Steve Harvey – Shamarr Allen

Episode highlights include:

  • How Shamarr began his mission of giving kids trumpets:
    • I woke up one morning lying in bed and I turned on the TV and there was a nine-year-old kid that had gotten killed named Devante. I have a nine-year-old son whose name is Dante so, for me, it just hit me differently. It could have easily been my son, so I decided to see what I can do to be a part of the solution…I posted on Instagram to all the youth in New Orleans to give me a gun and I’ll give them a trumpet. No questions asked.” – Shamarr Allen
    • “It’s definitely music that saved me. But I also understand what’s going on in those communities because I’m of it, I come from it…music has shown me that it’s possible to get away from it.” – Shamarr Allen
  • Steve Harvey discusses the hardships people face in high crime communities:
    • “The average American is not faced with what’s happening in a lot of these communities. I’ve heard people say ‘Why don’t they just leave.’ Wait a minute, leave and go where? When you have just enough to stay where you’re at. You’ve got just enough to survive until the next check comes in..and I think people don’t understand either, this is all some people know as home.” – Steve Harvey

About STEVE on Watch: 

Comedian, best-selling author, and Emmy Award-winning host Steve Harvey offers his hilarious and insightful viewpoint on “STEVE on Watch.” Whether Steve’s sharing his unique perspective on the very real issues affecting his audience, meeting remarkable people and hearing their inspirational stories, getting the true story behind the latest viral sensation, or simply laughing with some of the biggest stars of film, television, and music – you’ll see it all on “STEVE on Watch”! 

source: Hannah Macdonald – BECK MEDIA & MARKETING



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