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Michael Ealy on His New Film ‘Fatale’ and Why Fans Like Him in Thrillers / EUR ExclusiveWATCH

*“Fatale” is the new Lionsgate romantic thriller starring Michael Ealy and Academy Award winner Hillary Swank. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Former college basketball star and current married sports agent Derrick Tyler gets more than he bargained for following a one-night stand with a mysterious woman named Valerie portrayed by Swank.

Back at home following the tryst, Derrick discovers the woman is actually a police detective who gets him twisted in a web of lies, murder and extortion. As he pieces together her plan, he risks his family, career, and life.

Ealy and the film’s producer, Roxanne Avent-Taylor talked with EURweb’s Jill Munroe about Ealy’s character, decision making and more.

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Ealy on why fans love to see him in thrillers:

Perhaps I have a quality that most people can identify with. And it makes them feel like, yeah I would handle it like that, or I would handle it similar to that. Or I would do it just like that. Or, I wouldn’t do that way, but I understand what he did. Maybe that’s what it is, I really don’t know. I don’t know what drives people, but I know I responded to this material. I responded to the opportunity to make this material, because it was going to put me through a ringer that I have never done as a character before. That was my motivation.

Producer Roxanne Avent-Taylor on what Michael brings to the film:

He’s a great actor. He can give you anything that you need, from any genre that you need it for. I think he’s been in the game for a really long time. He works really hard. Being a household name in the African-American community, I thought who better than to play opposite Hillary Swank. You don’t get these kinds of roles for Black men and women in Hollywood. For him to go toe-to-toe with Hillary Swank is a no-brainer. They were so electric on screen, I was happy to open the door for him to showcase his talent.

Fatale also stars Michael Colter (Luke Cage) as his best friend and business partner Rafe, Damaris Lewis as Tracy, Derrick’s wife, and Tyrin Turner as Derrick’s shady cousin. The film is directed and produced by Deon Taylor.

Fatale” opened in theatres on December 18 and will be available on-demand beginning January 8.



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