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‘Selena: the Series’ on Netflix Celebrates Iconic Singer Jody Watley

Selena and Jody Watley
Selena and Jody Watley

*Iconic superstar singer Jody Watley is celebrated prominently in Selena: The Series’ on Netflix.

There’s a dinner table scene in “Selena: The Series” where the young singer and her dad discuss an upcoming performance in Mexico. This will be Selena’s first time there, and the setlist has to be right.

“I wanna do the new Jody Watley song,” she tells her dad. He quickly rejects the idea of an English-language song.

“I’m Mexican and American, right?” Selena asks. “You want me to be only half of who I am?

Watley’s music plays a pivotal role in the hit Selena docu-series, now streaming on Netflix. Her mega-hit, “Looking for a New Love,” the song Selena wants to debut in Mexico is featured in the series.

Selena prevails and does perform “Looking for a New Love” in Mexico.

“I just got chills,” Watley says when told she is prominently featured in the series. “I was gonna watch it, anyway. This just makes it even more special. She was such a beautiful, charismatic artist. We all know she was gonna be just massive.”

Jody Watley was a member of the group Shalamar for six years before going solo. Her self-titled debut album released in 1987 produced mega-hit singles and launched her into superstardom. Watley’s second album in 1989 continued the beloved singer’s incredible global success.

Posters of Watley adorn Selena’s bedroom. Watley’s song, “Don’t You Want Me,” is also featured in the series. And it’s clear Selena was inspired by Watley in wardrobe, hair and onstage attitude.

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Jody Watley

Watley says she was made aware of Selena’s affinity for her ’80s hits through social media when a fan tagged her in Selena’s performance of “Looking For a New Love.” Watley was familiar with Selena before her untimely death and says her interest was piqued by the young singer’s talent.

“We had Gloria Estefan. But I could tell Selena was gonna be huge just right off the bat. She had that shine, even just looking at a picture and reading an article,” Watley remembers. “When the tragedy struck, I cried like I knew her. It really got me.”

Watley is also a celebrated songwriter. She is the co-writer of “Looking for a New Love” and “Don’t You Want Me,” featured in the series.

We salute Jody Watley, the beautiful living legend who is the intersection of pop, dance, R&B, fashion and art. She has been able to effortlessly cater to multiple audiences simultaneously. Her music video for “Real Love” has earned a record-setting six MTV Video Music Award nominations. The single “Friends” featuring Eric B. and Rakim was the first multi-format hit to use the pop star/rapper formula that would later be employed by Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

Watley also released a million-selling workout video, “Dance To Fitness,” and was featured in Gap’s first celebrity ad campaign.

“I wanted to be different. I wanted to be unique. I wanted to be myself. I didn’t use a stylist or anything like that. I was putting together all my video wardrobe, my album covers and single sleeves,” Watley says. “It was different for a black girl to come out like that and to be edgy and funky and eclectic.”

That versatility was likely a big part of why Selena connected with Watley. Selena herself was doing things unheard of in Tejano music, imbuing the sound and performance with a pop sensibility. Beyond that, was shattering ceilings for Spanish-language acts far beyond Tejano music. Even the 1997 film made Jennifer Lopez a star.

“I think we were kindred spirits in that way,” Watley says. “I continue to be an artist that is not afraid to change and grow and to give some resistance, very much like Selena. She wanted to be who she was. ‘Let me just be me. I love this. I’m influenced by this.”

The Grammy-winning trendsetting pioneer in music, video, fashion and style is ranked as one of the top female artists of all time by Billboard magazine.

Watley’s current sound can be heard on the uplifting single “The Healing” and her “Winter Nights” EP, available on digital streaming platforms.

She continues to thrive and deliver a consistent body of incredible work.

And, inspired by her inclusion in the Netflix series, Watley is considering doing her own Selena cover.

“I love a good makeover. I felt like I could do something beautiful to one of her songs, in celebration of her,” Watley says. “Selena forever, because she was amazing, and I just am happy that her legacy and her memory are still alive. Love and music are eternal, and so for me to be a small part, an inspiration to her, it just means so much to me.”

As a well-respected entrepreneur, she has expanded her popular signature brand line with the release of new home fragrances and candles.  

The multi-talented, innovative music maker and a style-forging legend has led the way as an entrepreneur working in the independent music world as one of the few already-established female best-selling artists to produce, create and own her recordings.

She is currently working on a memoir, biopic and coffee table book.

For all links to Jody Watley’s website, blog, social media & more visit https://direct.me/jodywatley

source: Pam Broussard / BNM Publicity Group



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