Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dionne Warwick Wants Teyana Taylor to Play Her in Potential Netflix Series – Teyana is Down

Dionne Warwick - Teyana Taylor
Dionne Warwick – Teyana Taylor / TMZ-Getty composite

*Sometimes to get what you want you’ve got to put it out there in the universe. That’s what Dionne Warwick did when she announced to the world that she wants Teyana Taylor to play her on the small screen in a potential series!!!

Well, if you haven’t been keeping up, Dionne Warwick has become a Twitter maven and her latest Twitter fun move involved pitching Netflix on a series about her life and career. However, the legendary entertainer made clear she would only want to see Teyana cast as her. Flash forward a day or two later and Dionne and Teyana are talking and striking up a deal.

According to sources, via TMZ,  Warwick reached out to Karen Civil, a member of Teyana Taylor’s team connected them by phone. The source says Dionne and Teyana spoke for a while about Dionne’s biographical series ideas, and Teyana expressed her desire to play the part.

Check this out. Not only does Taylor desire to play the starring role, we hear she and Dionne Warwick discussed producing the series through Taylor”s production company, “The Aunties Production.”

Hmm, sounds like things are moving forward to us.

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The bottom line, for now, is that Netflix has expressed interest in a potential series and Dionne’s family is still working out logistics. Recruiting Teyana was their first priority, though.

If it comes to fruition, it will be a milestone for both women: Producing-wise for Teyana, and for Dionne … her first biopic series.

Like we said, moving are m moving forward. That’s definitely a good sign.



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