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Rickey Smiley Slams Publication Over ‘Messy’ Article About Radio Show Shake-up [VIDEO]


*Rickey Smiley has called out The Atlanta Journal-Constitution over an article they ran about his morning show switching stations. 

The comedian is the host of The Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show at Hot 107.9. Starting in January, radio personality Headkrack will take over the slot at 107.9 while Smiley’s show will switch over to Classix 102.9.

AJC reports…. Headkrack, who used to work with Smiley, started his own morning show a year ago out of Atlanta. 

“It’s good to be home!” said Headkrack, 43. “When I moved to Atlanta 11 years ago, this city has shown me nothing but love. When my mom died, the people hugged me in the streets. That made me feel like I was part of a community during the darkest time of my life… That’s an investment, an investment I plan on returning to the city time 100.”

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Smiley believes that author of The AJC article, Rodney Ho, purposely worded the article in a way that suggests he was fired from his show.

“So I was reading The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A statement written by Rodney Ho, who is actually a friend of The Morning Show, very nice guy. But it just always seems like sometimes in his editorials, if that’s what you call it, can come off  a little bit negative and messy,” said Smiley in a video message shared on his Instagram account.

He continued, “Where it says…the topic is ‘Headkrack’s Morning Show replaces Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show at Hot 107.9’ which is true.  Headkrack’s Morning Show is replacing  Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show on Hot 107.9 but what you didn’t put in the headline is that [my] morning show will be moved to Classix. That’s the other station, the property that Urban One radio owns. So basically I’m just being moved over to another station and Headkrack is going to be on Hot 107.9.” 

Smiley said AJC is making it seem like his morning show is failing. 

“Don’t try and write sh*t like that and make it seem like our morning show failing but then at the bottom in very small print you put that Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show is being moved to Classix.”

He added, “When you do stuff like that you open up a can of worms and people come on there with all their opinions and everybody that hate yo a** here they come. And you got to read that sh*t and it can get negative really quick.”

Smiley continued, “Don’t make it seem like we lost anything. Because we’re still on the radio in Atlanta.”  

“The way you worded it will confuse people and make people think that they’re kicking me off the air in Atlanta because you put in very small print that I’m going to be on Classix.”

Hear more from Rickey Smiley about the issue via the Instagram video above.

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