Thursday, October 6, 2022

Internet Parent Pa-trol(s) Take Exception to Wiz Khalifa Kissing His Son on the LIPS / WATCH

Wiz Khalifa & son (inset-wiz kissing son)
Wiz Khalifa & son (Sebastian)

*It’s a daddy/son thang with Wiz Khalifa and Sebastian, but people don’t care.

Yep, folks are coming for the rapper because he kissed Sebastian “Bash” Thomaz, on the lips. He was seen showing his affection on social media and it sparked the raging debate.

Although there are many that don’t have a problem with it, others, however, took issue with Wiz Khalifa kissing his son given Sebastian’s age. he’s seven.

“Wiz Khalifa really needs to stop kissing his son on the mouth like that,” one Twitter troll shared in response to the video. “He’s seriously way too old for him to be doing that,” the critic declared. Another Twitter user wrote, “Wiz Khalifa son too d*mn big for him to be kissing him in his mouth like that. [Sebastian is] 7 [years old], and the way [Wiz] kissed him is creepy.”

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This is not the first time Wiz Khalifa has come under scrutiny by the so-called Internet Parenting Patrol. Some may remember the backlash the rapper received for sending his son to school on the school bus. Many thought Wiz should have driven Sebastian to school on his first day. The rapper’s son, however, loved the experience of riding the school bus.

Even though the Pittsburgh native has caught a lot of flack for his parenting skills, he’s not lacking for supporters, either. Several fans took to Twitter to defend Khalifa regarding the latest backlash.

“Y’all weird for trying to sexualize Wiz Khalifa kissing his own SON,” one Twitter fan wrote in rebuke of those who criticized the rapper for showering his son with love.

“Not okay with Wiz Khalifa kissing his son,” another social media follower asked. “You’re in luck. That is not your son. You don’t have to worry about it.”

So what are YOUR thoughts on Wiz Khalifa kissing his 7-year-old son on the lips?




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