Thursday, June 30, 2022

Tiny Lister Showed Signs of COVID-19 … He Struggled to Breathe in Final Interview Before Death / WATCH

*It’s looking more and more like COVID-19 is the reason for the seemingly sudden demise of actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister.

In fact, just days before his death, he told interviewer Brandon Jay that he was looking forward to taking the vaccine for COVID. Also, when you listen to him talk (via the video above), it’s apparent he had serious symptoms, including labored breathing.

As we reported earlier this week on Thursday, Lister’s body was discovered after friends and family couldn’t reach him the night before. They were worried because he had been ill for a week and it was worsening daily.

During Tiny’s Zoom interview with Jay  just 5 days before his death, you can hear Tiny struggling as he speaks.  He was attempting to clear his throat throughout the interview.

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Tiny Lister - mask - screenshot
Tiny Lister (screenshot)

In the video, Tiny, who wore a mask, told Brandon Jay that he had lots of things to do in life, and was looking to get back to doing his thing, so to speak. He was also inspired by the 3 ex-presidents who agreed to get vaccinated publicly. Tiny alluded to a film shoot that had been scheduled for this week, but was canceled because of his illness.

We’re also learning the “Friday” star had contracted COVID 4 months ago. His rep, Cindy Cowan, told TMZ that he tested positive at the time. He had many of the common symptoms … he felt lethargic and struggled breathing, but his diabetes also made him high risk. She says he wasn’t hospitalized but quarantined at home.

With the foregoing info in mind, it’s unclear if he was re-infected or if the virus hadn’t left his body.

Unfortunately, the worst has happened, but he was truly optimistic about the future, saying he planned to spend Xmas watching basketball and spending time with his daughter, Faith.

Tiny Lister as Deebo1 - New-Line-Cinema
Tiny Lister as ‘Deebo’ – New Line Cinema

As of this posting, it’s unclear what funeral arrangements will be made, but look for some sort of celebration of life in early January, if possible.

Autopsy results are pending. Tiny Lister was 62.




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