Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Deebo is Dead – Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister Dies at 62: Report

Tiny Lister as Deebo - New-Line-Cinema
Tiny Lister as ‘Deebo’ – New Line Cinema

*Whoa! Here’s some crazy and unfortunate news. Tommy “Tiny” Lister, who found fame from playing intimidating, but lovable tough guys – like “Deebo” in films like “Friday” – has died, reports TMZ. Lister was 62.

The site says law enforcement sources say they got a call from the actor’s Marina Del Rey condo Thursday afternoon, just before 3 PM, for an unconscious male. Sources say Lister was not transported to the hospital. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

As of this posting, the coroner is still at Lister’s home, but there’s no word yet on a cause of death.

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Tiny Lister - Getty
Tiny Lister – Getty

Here’s more via TMZ:

Though “Tiny” began landing his bullying bad guy roles in the ’80s, he’s most famous for his hilarious turn as Deebo in “Friday” and the sequel, “Next Friday.”

He also played President Lindberg in the sci-fi action film, “The Fifth Element,” and more recently appeared the box office smash hit, “The Dark Knight.” He voiced the character Finnick in “Zootopia” as well.Along with acting, Tommy had 2 short pro wrestling stints, and starred alongside Hulk Hogan — as the bad guy, Zeus, of course — in the 1989 film, “No Holds Barred.”
Oh, and if ya didn’t know, his nickname is pure irony … “Tiny” was 6’5″.

When we last saw him out and about, “Tiny” couldn’t have been nicer … talking to us about another Deebo currently playing in the NFL, and dishing out some new “Friday” info.

Earlier this year, Lister used his bullying powers for the greater good … getting word out to help grieving families — and a few months before that, he was warning kids to stay inside during the early days of the pandemic.

Tommy Lister was 62.

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