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‘The Real’: MAJOR. Stops by + Garcelle Reflects on Quarantining After Catching COVID-19 / WATCH!

Major (the real)

*On Wednesday, Dec. 9, on The Real, the ladies discuss why people are afraid to admit when they’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19. Co-host Garcelle Beauvais reflects on her recent experience quarantining after being exposed to the virus and explains how isolated she felt. She says she can understand why people might not want to tell others because they don’t want to be alone.

Adrienne shares the story of the most mortifying date she’s ever been on, and it is quite a “splashy” tale!

Later, MAJOR. stops by to talk about his new single, “Doves Cry,” and reveals that even though he was rejected by both The Voice and American Idol, The Voice later asked to use his music on the show!

And Phoebe Robinson visits to chat about her Amazon Prime special, Yearly Departed, and tells the ladies about her publishing company, “Tiny Reparations,” and where it got its name!

People Are Not Admitting When They Have COVID – Is That Understandable?

After MAJOR. Was Rejected By The Voice, They Asked To Use His Music On The Show!

Adrienne’s Mortifying Date Story!

Phoebe Robinson Explains The Origin Of Her Publishing Company’s Name, “Tiny Reparations”

People Are Not Admitting When They Have COVID – Is That Understandable?

Garcelle Beauvais: The fact that I was in isolation for the past 14 days – you know, 14 days ago, because someone in our group tested positive… Getting – feeling like you get COVID – I understand a little bit of it, if you don’t want to say anything, because – you’re so isolated. You’re so isolated. Even though it was Thanksgiving, even though it was my birthday…

Adrienne Houghton: But you want me to feel isolated too?

Garcelle: Hold on – No – no, no, no, let me finish. Even though people would come outside my house – and because I was home alone, I wasn’t wearing a mask – if I opened the door, knowing that somebody was going to drop off something for me, the minute I opened the door, people would step back – even my own kids, and I understand it. I’m not saying you should lie about it, I’m just saying it’s just such an isolating thing that – wait. People are dying alone. When you think you are on your deathbed, people are holding your hand. You think of seeing your family and people are dying alone. The minute you have it, you’re isolated and that’s it!


Adrienne: People that have had it, whether they’re celebrities or not, and have shared their stories, how helpful…

Garcelle: Yes!

Adrienne: How helpful it has been to watch their stories! Even sadly, your comedian friend, Loni, who passed away, who shared his story, who literally – he was documenting –

Loni Love: Joe.

Adrienne: How he thinks he got it… you guys, that’s helpful! This is a still a virus that there are so many unanswered questions about, that people are like, “How does it affect you then, how does it affect you later?” I’ve seen girls on Instagram, young women that are perfectly healthy, that months later are talking about neurological damage – their lungs, they have heart issues now.

Garcelle: As a matter –

Adrienne: We need your story! If you have it, don’t just keep it a secret and then get other people sick, but on top of that, your story could be beneficial.

Loni: But what Garcelle is saying is, don’t treat me like, you know, like, you can’t, like, I’m not a human being.


Garcelle: And I’m not saying be irresponsible, I’m just saying I can understand why people don’t want to say it. That’s all I was saying, but you shouldn’t lie about it. Let’s be clear.

Loni: No, I agree with that, you shouldn’t lie about it, but the reason why…

Garcelle: You shouldn’t lie about it, but I understand why.

Jeannie Mai: And you’re getting us to empathize with what it felt like to be isolated.

Garcelle: Yes, absolutely, because people are dying also alone. You know, you might get an iPad in the hospital room so people can say goodbye to you. Just, everyone needs to be responsible and stay home if you have it – that’s what I’m saying.

Loni: They’re going to have to push these vaccinations. They’re going to have to push these vaccinations.

Adrienne: I can absolutely empathize, but at this point, we somewhat have to be a little selfless in this terrible situation. Totally empathize, I can…

Jeannie: It’s not about you right now! It’s not about you! It’s about all of us together!

Garcelle: We all are in agreement on that. We all agree on that.



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