Saturday, August 13, 2022

Anita Hill Launching App to Target Hollywood’s Rapists and Serial Abusers


*Anita Hill is launching a new app with the Hollywood Commission next year that aims to hold the industry’s rapists and serial abusers accountable.

“All of the practices in the world are not going to work unless people trust them. So we’ve got to build a values-based system and, perhaps most importantly of all, we have to ensure accountability,” Hill said during her keynote address at TheWrap’s Power Women Summit. “We can be better in the entertainment industry. But to do that we have to make changes.”

Here’s more from TheWrap:

The technology platform will be built on a matching option system, and it’s made to identify multiple complaints about the same person who show a pattern of abusive, aggressive behavior. And the hope is that with industry-wide adoption, individuals who move around Hollywood from multiple projects and studios can be identified more easily.

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The report also notes: “If a worker feels they have experienced sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, bullying or microaggressions in the workplace, the platform allows them to share those details anonymously. Workers can report immediately or can also file a conditional report.”

“When a complaint about the same person comes into the system, [the complainant] will be notified. That way we can offer individuals a chance to come forward with the support and knowing that someone else has experienced the same problem,” Hill said.

Hill aims to shake up the widespread culture of abuse in the entertainment industry. 

“We know that in order for change to be real, to be effective, it has to include everyone,” Hill said. “We know that diversity and inclusion cannot be seen as an add-on. It has to be integral to every part of the way we conduct business and the way we lead.”

The Hollywood Commission is chaired by Hill and was founded by entertainment lawyer Nina Shaw and Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy

Ny MaGee
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