Thursday, April 22, 2021

California Black Women Coalition for #KeepTheSeat Demand Gov. Newsom Appoint a Black Woman for the #USSenate

Gavin Newsome (Getty)
Gavin Newsome (Getty)

*Governor Gavin Newsom,

Like a modern-day Harriet Tubman, Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris kicked opened the door to claim a seat at the U.S. Senate table. Her legacy is to lead more Black women to the table who will represent a forgotten but strong California population.  It is no surprise that women are already underrepresented in the U.S. Senate; and that is unacceptable. California should continue to buck the trend and send a Black woman to the U.S. Senate.

Historically, Black women are blatantly excluded from leadership roles. Kamala Harris, the only Black woman in the U.S. Senate, changed the game for us and proved that a Black woman is invaluable to the progression of California and our Nation. Let’s not forget that Black women voted in record numbers to deliver a victory to Democrats and our country.

Far too often the work and sacrifices of Black women go unrecognized and undervalued. We urge you to honor and embrace the hard work and determination that Kamala Harris and Black women have forged through to keep California strong.  We earned the right to #KeeptheSeat and will continue to fight to never give up our seat to represent all people but especially the largest population in the State of California.

Lets Keep The Seat

December 1 marked the 65th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat.  Her right to keep her seat was a symbol of will power and the right to claim a prominent place in this world. We are ready to repeat the historic and courageous move that Ms. Parks made to demand respect and inclusion. She stood her ground without a coalition of Black women by her side.

Today, Black women from across the Nation are in full force to stand beside U.S. Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA-37) and U.S. Congresswomen Barbara Lee (D-CA-13) and fight for them to be the right choice to fill the seat.  Don’t mute the Black woman’s voice.

We live the values of gender equality, fairness, community, diversity, and authenticity that are essential to strong leadership. We ask that you do not overlook our progressive leaders Bass and Lee to carry the torch lit by Kamala Harris.

There is no doubt that Bass and Lee are ready to take on the challenges and issues that face Californians.  They have the experience and the relationships to step in Kamala Harris’ shoes and step up to the table with confidence and determination. They know how to get the work done in Congress while advocating for the needs of Californians.

This is our time, and we are staking our claim to the seat that Kamala Harris earned with the support of Black women.  We are the backbone of the democratic party, both as voters and organizers. Diversity in our leaders is the core to who we are in California. Together, we benefit from a variety in experiences and perspectives.

We know that both Bass and Lee are leaders that we can trust and depend on in crisis. That said, we deserve to maintain our representation in the U.S. Senate. Governor Newsom, we urge you to hear us and appoint Bass or Lee to the seat.

It’s time to deliver for us.

California Black Women Coalition for #KeepTheSeat

Hon. Donesia Gause-Aldana  Carson             Hon. Sydney Kamlager-Dove  Los Angeles   Hon. Deborah Robertson     Rialto

Hon. Aja Brown                        Compton        Hon. Lula Davis-Holmes           Carson            Hon. Emma Sharif           Compton

Hon. Cheryl Brown                  Sacramento    Hon. Yvonne Horton                 Inglewood     Hon. Diane Watson     Los Angeles

Hon. Autumn Burke                Los Angeles     Hon. Holly J. Mitchell               Los  Angeles   Hon. Shirley Weber       San Diego

Hon. Michelle Chambers       Compton          Hon. Treva Reid                        Oakland          Hon. Lori Wilson           Suisun City


Melina Abdullah           Los Angeles

Aimee Allison                 Oakland

Bobbiejean Anderson  Moreno Valley

Ebani Anderson             Los Angeles

Niele Anderson             Los Angeles

Joy Atkinson                   Los Angeles

Sheila Baker                  Bellflower

Kim Ballard                     Lancaster

Sabrina Benson            Rialto

Vicki Blakley                  Sacramento

Charlotte Bland            Los Angeles

Sheila Brown                 Los Angeles

Taisha Brown                San Diego

Tonya Burke                  Perris

April Burton                   Compton

Velma Butler                 Pasadena

Barbara Calhoun          Compton

Darla Carpool                Los Angeles

Jasmyne Cannick          Los Angeles

Sandi Cook                      Los Angeles

Lori Cordinus                  Orange

Maureen Craft               Elk Grove

Karen Earl                         Los Angeles

Nolice Edwards              Sacramento

Kimberly Ellis                   Richmond

Dionne Faulk                   Inglewood

Nourbese Flint               Los Angeles

Norma Foree                  Long Beach

Carolyn Fowler                Inglewood

Dallas Fowler                   Inglewood

Gail Francis                       Lake Elsinore

Tresla Gilbreath               Sacramento

Glenda Gill                        Los Angeles

Angela Gipson                 Inglewood

Le Cresha K. Gipson        Carson

Wendy Gladney               Upland

Alice Goff                           Los Angeles

Gloria Gray                       Inglewood

Sharon Guest                   Los Angeles

Kellie Hawkins                 Los Angeles

Jacqueline Hawthorne   Los Angeles

Nichelle Henderson        Gardena

Ingrid Hutt                        Los Angeles

Danielle Hollis              Burbank

lona Hendrick              Los Angeles

Patsy Howard              Los Angeles

Cine Ivery                      Inglewood

Andrea Jackson           Los Angeles

Jannell Jackson           Sacramento

Joan Jackson                Los Angeles

Adrienne Johnson       Pasadena

Rachel Johnson           Gardena

Deidre Jones                Long Beach

Rev. Dr. Joy Johnson  Antelope

Laniece Jones              Oakland

Holland Jordan            Castro Valley

Angela King                   Los Angeles

Marie Y. Lemelle         Glendale

Bennetra Lewis           Lancaster

Alicia Lewis                   Los Angeles

Arnetta Mack               Inglewood

Natasha Marshall       Inglewood

Phyllis Marshall           Sacramento

Ronnie Martin             Los Angeles

Tamry McCauley         Santa Clarita

Tina McKinnor             Hawthorne

Tonia McMillian          Bellflower

Dewanda Mitchell      San Bernardino

Tracy Mitchell              Pasadena

Tamela Mitchell          Pasadena

Pamela Mitchell          Pasadena

Sarah Morris                Adelanto

Shenia Morris              Victorville

Gloria Myles                 Los Angeles

Ingrid Palmer               Los Angeles

Ann Perkins                  San Bernardino

Sharon Polk                   Los Angeles

Sandra Poole                Sacramento

Angela Reddock           Carson

Lenee Richards             Los Angeles

Audrena Redmond      Long Beach

Diane Robertson          Los Angeles

Rosa Russell                  Los Angeles

Patt Sanders                 Inglewood

Jamie Scott                    Inglewood

Andrea Slater                  Vallejo

Dolores Spears                Los Angeles

Brianna Spratt                 Irvine

Jasmine Stanley               Los Angeles

Tiffani Stone                     Elk Grove

Novell Thompson            Fontana

Gloria Gray                       Inglewood

Anette Walker                 Hayward

Jackie Washington          Hawthorne

Molly Watson                   Los Angeles

Denise Watts                   Canyon Country

Daphne Wayans              Tarzana

Yvonne Wheeler              Long Beach

Wanza Tolliver                  Los Angeles

Kathy Williamson             Los Angeles

Katrina Williams                Long Beach

  1. Patrice Williams Vallejo

Wanda F. Williams            Sacramento

Gail Willis                              Los Angeles

Lolita Willis                           Long Beach

Ethell Woods                      Los Angeles

Jimmy Woods Gray            Los Angeles

Rashina Young                     Carson

Melanie Young                     Long Beach

Tiffani Stone Alvidez           Elk Grove

Jacque Robinson-Baisley    Pasadena

Shay Franco-Clausen           San Jose

Lola Smallwood Cuevas       Los Angeles

Julia Cooksey-Evans             Northridge

Cheryl Lanier Gates             San Francisco

Kellie Todd-Griffin                Carson

Dezie Woods-Jones              Madera

Kendra Noel Lewis                 Sacramento

Patrice Marshall McKenzie   Pasadena

Pamela Bright-Moon             Los Angeles

Eva Hoffman-Murray             Bellflower

Pastor Thembeklia Smart     Los Angeles

Roslyn Austin Stewart           Los Angeles

L’Toya Wheeler Tate              Corona

Charisse Bremond Weaver   Pasadena

Charlotte Northern White     San Diego

source: Marie Y. Lemelle, MBA via Regina Wilson




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