Tuesday, September 27, 2022

‘Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man’ Podcast Gets with Katie Couric on Cancel Culture, Fashion & More / LISTEN

Jalen Rose & Katie Couric
Jalen Rose & Katie Couric

*Former NBAer current NBA analyst for ESPN/ABC, Jalen Rose also hosts a podcast called “Jalen Rose: Renaissance Man.” The newest episode features him interviewing veteran journalist Katie Couric.

Here’s some of what he had to say about getting with Kouric:

As a black man in this time of social unrest, I love that an outspoken white woman like Couric doesn’t mind making other people feel uncomfortable about the truth by talking about difficult subjects. I pay attention to that, so I was really looking forward to picking her brain. And of course, being the vet she is, Katie tossed every question back to me, which made for an insightful and fun discussion.

We talked about the divided state of the country today, how to seize career opportunities and wristwatches, where she buttered me up a bit by dropping one of my beloved Detroit hometown brands.

But first, we delved into the meatier topics, like cancel culture, which both of us are firmly against.

“We have to be more compassionate and less judgmental,” she told me. “I’m not a big fan of cancel culture. Fair-minded people are trying to learn . . . I feel like we need to help people along and, you know, maybe I am naive, but I think that’s part of the healing process to not attack . . . If we can approach it in a less-confrontational way, I think it’s easier to change hearts and minds.”

Now, check out the podcast:





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