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Steffanie Rivers: Ready To Love Review, Ep. 7: Nyya, The Lyya! / VIDEO

*In most relationships the qualities that initially attract us to another person – the surface attributes – oftentimes are not enough to sustain that union.

If a slim waist, a cute face, bulging biceps and big feet are what catches your eye it won’t be long before someone seemingly better comes along. That’s why it’s important to choose people of substance, have more conversations and listen twice as much as you talk.

Two of the RTL cast members to couple-up were Alyx and Bryan. Initially attracted to each other because both claimed to be celibate, after many conversations and feedback from her BFF, Alyx thought Bryan was a man of many words with little substance. And she claimed he wasn’t a good listener. So their relationship started to cool down.

That’s when Bryan went searching for some heat with someone else. He and Wynter went on a double-date with Khalfani and Adriana. When asked what he liked about Wynter, Bryan said her thick thighs, among other superficial attributes.

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ready to love

Khalfani complimented Adriana – aka pop tart – on her bubbly personality and her fun-loving nature. Later that day they snuggled on the couch, to Denise’s angst. After he and Denise locked eyes, he and pop tart locked lips! Pop tart’s top draft pick, Rashid, also peeped the snuggle buddies. But he didn’t trip over it. He went on dates with two other cast members to exercise his options and get his own lip action.

Edwin and Joy did tetra yoga together. Her body was with him, but her mind was on the other side of the resort with Jay who made it clear he is not one to fight over a woman.

Everybody was salty with Nyya for how she treated Chris. Last week he got booted from the show after Nyya no longer wanted to pursue their relationship, and drop-kicked his heart like a WWF wrestler! When Rashid tried to tell Nyya it was her time to go, she walked off in the middle of the termination and left him talking to the imprint on the couch where she once sat.

To find out more details about what happened on episode 7 click on my video above.

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Steffanie Rivers

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