Saturday, May 8, 2021

Obama-Produced Netflix Comedy Loosely Based on Trump and ‘How Government Actually Works’

Michelle & Barack Obama*Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground Productions is collaborating with truTV comedian Adam Conover on a new Netflix sketch comedy series based on the bestselling book “The Fifth Risk” by Michael Lewis

The show will be loosely about President Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House and the inner workings of government. The new show will be called “The G Word with Adam Conover,” and will begin filming in early 2021. 

According to a Netflix source the project is “more of a focus on going inside how the government actually works, not specific to any one administration.”

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Here’s more about the series from the Netflix synopsis: “The United States government affects our lives in countless ways, from the food we eat to the money in our bank accounts. But despite the many hours we spend obsessing over politics, almost none of us know the first thing about the massive organization those politicians are supposed to run. Instead, ‘government’ has become a dirty word that we’d rather not talk or even think about.”

According to the synopsis, host Conover will use “fast-paced visual comedy” and documentary to demonstrate “the profound power and complexity of the U.S. government” and show viewers “the heroic civil servants who make it work” while taking “an incisive satirical look at its shortcomings.”

“The Fifth Risk” author Lewis previously dished about the book in an interview on Katie Couric’s podcast in 2018, noting that he wanted it to help society better understand how government works.

“The narrative needs to change first, that’s why I wrote the book … So people stop seeing the government as the problem and start seeing it as a tool, as a solution. If this society is going to survive, it’s got to happen,” Lewis said.

Ny MaGee
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