Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dave Chappelle Gets Into Heated Confrontation with Fans in Texas [VIDEO]

*Comedian Dave Chappelle flipped out on a fan at the Four Season Hotel in Austin, Texas, last month, according to

Chappelle was in the city doing a socially-distant live comedy show on November 16, 17, 18. Chad Laboy, 31, says he was at the bar celebrating his engagement with friends when one of them went over to greet the superstar without wearing a mask, and that’s when all hell broke loose. 

“My friend didn’t have her mask on when she walked over to his table and rightly so, they chastised her for it,” Laboy told the outlet. He claims Chappelle thought he was being recorded, so Dave and six of his crew stormed over to his table maskless. 

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dave chappelle (getty)

“Chappelle and his group accosted me and my friends on two occasions and none of them were wearing a mask. They put our health at risk,” he added

Cellphone footage released by shows the comedian, chastising the female fan who approached him. 

Laboy said, “Chappelle is a hypocrite for not wearing a mask,” Adding that his female friend who didn’t have her mask “apologized and offered to put her mask on, but continued to get berated.”

He continued, “No one at their table was wearing a mask, but the group was extremely rude, saying things like, ”we don’t know you”, ”get the fu*k away”, and began calling her names,” he explained.

“Suddenly, all the attention was on me and I tried to explain that I was just holding my phone, but they wouldn’t listen. A man wearing all black shouted over at me to stop recording,” Laboy explained. 

He claims he only recorded the confrontation on his cell phone for his own safety. 

In the clip Chappelle is heard saying, “No disrespect, he’s recording me and she’s violating my personal space.”

Laboy says Chappelle and his group of friends later confronted them at their table and Chappelle told him, “You a bi**h a** n****a.”

Laboy is planning to file a police report against the person in Chappelle’s entourage who attempted to take his camera. 

Scroll up and watch the moment via the YouTube clip above.

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