Sunday, August 14, 2022

Twerkgate: Dallas Restaurant Owner Curses Out Customers Who Were Twerking on Tabletops (Watch)

Women twerking at True Kitchen Kocktails

*Video of a confrontation between a Texas restaurant owner and some female customers has gone viral. Because they were twerking.

It all went down at TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails in Dallas. Owner Kevin Kelley is seen in a viral video yelling at customers who took advantage of a DJ playing music as diners ate to begin twerking on top of furniture and against walls.

After asking members of the group to stop more than once, Kelley then publicly admonished the women explaining, “I invested a lot of money into buying this building, into developing this concept, so Black people can have somewhere nice to go to okay. Somewhere where we can feel good about ourselves,” he said before asking the DJ to stop the music.

Kelley continued, “Somewhere where our people can feel good about ourselves as a culture… okay. No, no, real talk. So all this twerking and **** take it to Prime, take it to Pink, don’t bring it here because we’re a restaurant.”

Kelley went on to tell the group that, “… 75% of my customers are ladies and I want men to show respect for themselves by how they carry themselves here. So how can I tell the men to respect themselves and you guys are twerking on glass here? If you want to do it get the **** out of my restaurant.”

He said, “Don’t do it again. I don’t want to hear it. If you don’t like it get out, because I don’t need your money. I need to provide something for my people. Don’t do it again. Thank you.”

Kelley later took to Facebook to apologize for his language, but not for calling out the women. He also posted several other videos of the incidents showing what the women were doing and how workers and management responded to them.

Part of the lengthy statement from Kelley said, “Later, as another video shows, a customer stood on her seat, placed her hands against the glass windows and began to twerk. My immediate reaction was this woman could fall through this window and we could be the target of a lawsuit if she is injured. My second reaction was enough is enough. After already addressing this behavior twice, these customers no longer deserved the courtesy of kindness I expressed in the earlier encounters as it was met with disrespect and intentionally ignored. This is why they were told to leave.”

Watch all the drama below, followed by Kelly’s Facebook post responding to the controversy, where he posts video of the twerking in the comment section:




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