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Pregnant Summer Walker Slams Boyfriend London On Da Track, Claims He’s a Deadbeat Dad

Summer Walker/London on the Track -Twitter

*Summer Walker, who recently took to social media to put her growing baby bump on display, is now putting her boyfriend on blast for allegedly being a deadbeat to his other children. 

Earlier this month, the singer confirmed that she is expecting her first child with producer London On Da Track, who has other children by at least two different women. 

Walker posted a series of messages to her Instagram Stories, claiming London is not a good father and telling Black men that they need to do better when it comes to their parental duties. She even referred to her own father as a “lame.”

“Black men gotta start doing better when it comes to being a father my grandfather lame, my father lame, & dis n#### lame. lol and I guess the cycle will just continue,”Walker wrote. 

She then blamed her issues with London On Da Track on the generational trauma from slavery. 

“I guess n##### still dealing with the shackles of mental slavery or some s###, back when white men ripped you from your families and beat you to death if you tried to protect them. It goes deep. S#### really sad,” she added.

Check out her posts below.

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sw1 sw2

Walker went on to threaten to “out this bum nigga” and ruin his life, apparently because he’s been cheating on her. 

Just last week, the couple appeared to be happy in now-deleted photos they shared on Instagram of them booed up.

sw3 sw4

Summer’s rant about the mother of London’s children didn’t go unnoticed by the women, prompting Eboni Ivori and Erica Racine to pop off on Instagram. 

“The story of the day is my ex has a side bitch who smiles in my face and be nosy every time she runs into me but I just found out… No wonder she be all in my business,” Racine wrote. “Don’t be fake to me boo, be fake to his girl cus I’m good.”

Ivori took issue with Walker’s comments about London’s relationship with his children. 

“How the f*ck yu tried to get him spend time w his kids but he didn’t wanna? But then double back and say his bitter baby moms wouldn’t hv it bc of yu!” she wrote on Instagram.

“Summer needs to keep whoever nose that is she got outta other folks business,” she concluded. 

What are your thoughts about Summer’s remarks? Let us know in the comments.

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